Stress During College Placements

The campus placement process, also known as the campus recruitment process. Recruitment takes place when companies come to one’s colleges campus. Companies conduct interviews, and hire students from various streams to work in their company. Various colleges arrange campus placements. That invite all the best possible companies through personal contact to recruit their students. Campus placements takes place before the final examination. These placements not only benefit the students in various ways, but they also benefit the companies and colleges. Stress during college placements is common among graduates.

There are mainly two types of campus placements:

On-Campus Placement and off-Campus

There are other ways of conducting placement coming up as well. But a few of them that can be classified under the existing campus placement models.

On-Campus Placement procedure 

These placement or Recruitment activities are held on the campus of the college or institute itself where the students are studying: The college invites the best companies and companies that have official partnerships which come to interview students to gauge their potential as future employees in their company. Stress during college placements may be reduced by involving good studies during the period of course.

Use their own ways of the interview process and put out various terms and conditions. Post the interviews, they make selections on the basis of various criteria, and

sometimes even offer jobs and salary figures which are often negotiable.

Off-Campus Placement procedures

This is where students, as an individual, seek employment on their own. It is completely up to the students to get placed in a company based on their capabilities and potential after they have finished their education and here grades do play a major role. students have to take a lot of effort but you are a lot more in control of their employment. Many students resort to this type of placement when they fail or are less satisfied to get an on-campus placement. Sometimes, students may get help from their college placement cell as well, but this help comes in the form of only providing contacts and sources.

Stress during placements

The stress is incomparable. Stress gives anxiety and makes a student extremely nervous. It is the most crucial phase as well as a phase not ever one likes. It creates a loss of fuss as well as makes one work extremely hard and revise all of his learnings for a single interview. The whole placement process involves various processes which can be very hectic and confusing in order to ace it. Kids gets irritate with their stress levels and often feels low when not selected from multiple rounds.

From updating resumes to giving aptitude tests, it is very hectic and demands full focus.

It is very important for a company to select a resume where the student usually mentions all of his achievements and key learnings for all the internships and is also mandatory for kids to be active participants in various other activities to show their work and life balance.

On Campus Placement Procedures

After the selection, comes the aptitude tests, where the student is judged on the basis of his/her knowledge which covers basic mathematics, general knowledge, and English. These tests are pretty hard to crack, and an important phase to cross. Later comes the Group discussion round where all the selected students from the aptitude tests are divided into various groups and are given a topic on which they have to speak for a limited time. Student gets selection on the basis of his communication and IQ.

There is another round of GD or a role-play round or the personal round. The level of selection process basically depends on companies, as in how badly they wish to test their candidates.

All these processes are very hectic to follow and always keep up with, as they are often dealing with multiple companies at the same time.

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