Happy Mother’s Day 2023: Date, History & Significance

Happy Mother’s Day 2023

Mother’s Day can’t be just celebrated as a one-day festival, but mother’s day always hits at the heart, which makes all of us realise the importance of mother in life. You are having a good day only after seeing a wonderful smile on her face; she always treats you like a child; mother’s lap is a place where you can make a sweet nap without realising the world’s stress around you.

Happy Mother's Day 2023

In honour of the selfless love, care, and sacrifice of mothers for their children, Mother’s Day is celebrated. Mother’s Day is always celebrated on the second Sunday of May.


Mother’s Day has been celebrated since 1908. The day begins with Anna Jarvis organising a memorial service for her mother. Ann Jarvis was a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers in the Civil War.

The event was held at St. Andrews Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia, where the International Mother’s Day Shrine is now located. Anna Jarvis began a campaign to gather support for her Mother’s Day celebration in the United States in 1905 after her mother diedocated. Anna Jarvis began a campaign to gather support for her Mother’s Day celebration in the United States in 1905 after her mother died. She wanted to pay tribute to mothers around the world who have contributed so much to her family and society.

Significance of Mother Day

Mothers always take care of their children and help them to boost in every situation of life; it is always the mother and father behind the successful child. The culture to celebrate other days is different in different parts of the world, but one thing that is the same is the love and sentiment towards mother. Only she can help you out of every situation; only mother can better understand your concern; and only mother can also understand unspoken words.

Only parents in the world pray for their child’s survival, and only parents can see their child’s survival.

How do you Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother's Day 2023

It is not that tough to express your feelings to your mother; of course,  she better knows you. Mothers always love all efforts of their children, so you should give it a try to make this Mother’s Day something special for her.

There are various celebration ideas that can help you celebrate this day.

  • Revive old memories film

You can revive old memories by picturing old photos through Canva, Vita, and other video editing apps.

That can make her feel happy because screening of memories would be more like screening of all the sweet moments she spent with her children, who will soon be younger.

  • Get together with family members.

A get-together with family members is a perfect plan for this Mother’s Day, where you can plan out a surprise by bringing all the family members together and celebrating Mother’s Day.

  • hand-made card

What a mother loves about her child is effort, and if you present a handmade card, she will love it, as for her, that card includes the bond and eternal love of the child towards the mother.

  • Cake cut

You can cut the cake and present some gifts to your mother, like a gold chain, her desirable things, etc.

  • Gift outfit

You can also gift an outfit to your mother, which she will absolutely love. You can purchase something for MUMMA with your first-hand salary.

  • Purpose to mother

All children together can propose to the mother with a rose, and you can also spill some beautiful feelings towards mom.

  • Surprise outing
Happy Mother's Day 2023

Your one step towards joy can give her pleasure. A mother always wants to see happiness on the face of her child, so you can become the pleasure of her life now. You can plan out a day out or some trip to spend quality time with her.

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