Sunil Shetty Launches Food Delivery App Waayu

Food Delivery App Waayu

The culture of food is getting more and more popular throughout India; even Zomato is providing intercontinental services, which sounds like WOW. At present, there is actually not very much of an app that can beat the service of Swiggy and Zomato, and in order to beat their level, one more app is going to be introduced by bringing the unique services of Waayu to Bombay. Actor and investor Sunil Shetty launched the food delivery app Waayu with the goal of providing a zero-fee model for restaurants.

Waayu was founded by Anirudh Kotgire and Mandar Lande, with Suniel Shetty as brand ambassador and investor. Media reports said it was backed by the Indian Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHAR) in Mumbai.

Food Delivery App Waayu

Waayu features 

According to the announcement, the introductory price of the app will be a fixed fee of Rs 1,000 per month at each point of sale; later, he will raise the price to Rs 2,000.

Waayu App Developed

The company has now consolidated its restaurants in most areas of Mumbai (BMC, Mira Bayander, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, and Palgarh) and will expand to other metropolitan and non-metropolitan cities. It’s a schedule. The platform is also planned to integrate with the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC).

Sunil Shetty became an investor and has backed several health and fitness startups. His LinkedIn account is also full of discussions on tech, startups, and acting.


The Hotel of Bombay came up with its own online platform for food delivery, which promised 15% to 15% affordability and was cheaper than other hotels. This app is going to be unique from others because it will address the issues faced by restaurants and customers with the existing online food delivery services, such as high commissions, poor reviews, and poor quality.

This new app better assures you about their qualitative services, which do not charge any sort of commission fees from restaurants, allowing them to offer a competitive price and better value to the customer. The platform allows them to provide customers with food that is affordable, timely, and qualitative, avoiding the problem of high prices.

Food Delivery App Waayu

Waayu came into Origin?

Waayu is a product of Destek. Horea, founded by entrepreneurs Anuridha Kotgire and Mandar Lalande with the support of Mumbai-based Indian hotels and restaurants and other industry bodies, is a software service platform that connects customers with more than 1000 Bombay restaurants, including Mahesh’s lunch home when analysing Shiv Nagar Guru Kripa, etc. Sunil Shetty is going to represent this app as a brand ambassador.

Wavyu is the new company that was established by the two entrepreneurs with all support from other food industries and is ensuring quality service to its customers, ensuring timely delivery with less amount as Wavyu is going to be the first app that won’t charge the commission from hotels, which resulted in a reduction in the amount of food as well. Sunil Shetty becomes the brand ambassador of this app, which you can find under “popularity,” before even releasing properly.

Compete Zomato?

The major question is whether you would be able to beat the other service like Zomato, so the answer is a partial yes or no, because yes, it can beat Zomato due to its zero fee model where it is not charging anything from restraint and providing the best quality food at a reasonable price. On the other hand, it cannot beat Zomato because of the intercontinental service that Zomato is providing, though people are having faith in Zomato due to its long-lasting services and tempting offers, which always attract more common people towards it.

Waayu can emerge as the best food service app, but it will take time because it is a new idea.

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