Shocking Review of The Kerala Story Movie

Review of The Kerala Story

The Kerala story is one of the most popular stories of Kerala, where the transformation of various women has been observed by the Islamic followers in the name of Love Jihad, and then these women were sent to Afghanistan and Syria.

Review of The Kerala Story

Kerala story came into controversy as this story is now getting connected with religion, so Islamic religion is against this story, and leaders of the opposition are questioning the government for the ban on Gujarat files and promotion of Kerala story.

Another controversy is about the details that have been mentioned in the Kerala story, where the director claims that 30,000 women have been sent to Syria from Kerala, where the ISIS organisation and other leaders are claiming the proof behind such strict claims.


The trailer of the Kerala story came under fire because 32,000 girls had been converted to Islam through manipulation, and the Uttar Pradesh government made this film Tex free in UP cinemas.

Ban has been put by the Mamta Banerjee government in Bengal for sake of protection  and prevention of human and religious disharmony. 

Story Summary 

The story began with the interrogation of a girl named Shalini, aka Fatima; she has been charged as an ISIS member. A common girl got transformed into the Islamic religion with no

relationship to ISIS, but she has been part of the organisation through her husband.

The story began when four girls shared a room in a hostel, and among them was one Muslim girl who always claimed her religion to be strong above all.

Review of The Kerala Story

She believes that there is only Allah on earth, who protects all. And only Allah is running the world and she tried to convey this point to her three mates, in order to justified her statement, that girl tried to make a false harassment situation through hire false gangster with all three non Muslim girls , and then manipulate these three girl with the idea of hijab, and later on the propagation of manipulating three of them for adopting the Islam has been started where two of them denied to accept the Islam and they have  to face harsh consequences of this decline where one of them name Shalini, became a prey of their all tactics, and went to Seria where she lost all her dignity, and became victim of women harassment and she struggle till her last breath, and in end Shalini secured by the Seria police and intelligence team but they captured Shalini as ISIS member rather than as an innocent women.


Kerala story having root in southern state of Kerala, criticised by many opposition politicians by calling it propaganda to destroy religious harmony in the society where it has the support of the ruling BJP party, including prime minister Narendra Modi, who actually showed his support for the film in his recent rally.

This controversial film has been banned in West Bengal. The ban on the Sudipto Sen-directed film Kerala Story has been ordered by West Bengal Chief Minister Mamta Banarji to avoid any incidents of hate and violence and to maintain peace in the face of violence.

Break Record 

Kerala story also breaks the Kashmir file open, and we can record it on our peace 35 crore in 3 days Kerala story beat the Kashmir file by collecting more money in AIDS opening weekend, report status director corner over 52% of utensils, and collection on the 3rd day of its screening around 50% higher than the story, which standard rupees 35 crore by the end of the first week. Recently, leading actor of film Adah Sharma recently tweeded on her Twitter account and gave a befitting reply to those calling Kerala story as propaganda , calling her movie as real and urge everyone to Google  about Isis and know more about it. A better way to understand the actual and real concern.

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