Will Al turn Against Us in 2023?

Al turn Against Us- Technology capable to replace humans This question has been observed from time to time: humans always think that there will be a state where artificial intelligence at some point will compete with human beings. 

Al turn Against Us

In contemporary times, we are all living in the era of modernity where artificial intelligence plays a key role in the lives of everyone. This is the world where, without mobile and the internet, one cannot imagine life.  how artificial intelligence can effectively curb human life and reduces the importance of human is itself questionable. 

AI vs Human 

 Technology is better until it works under the control of humans, but when technology controls human minds, it becomes a bane instead of a boon. 

Well, what is artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence means the stimulation of human intelligence, which is processed by the machine specifically by the computer system, and if it talks about the most effective and most advanced artificial intelligence at the resent time in terms of new invention then it is CHAT GPT,  BARD etc. 

AI Destroyer?

Artificial intelligence is believed to perform the task much better than humans, and it also makes the human work effort easier. Artificial intelligence undoubtedly has significance, relevance, and important functions, but it also results in the biggest risks, like consumer privacy invasion, biased programming, and unclear legal regulation are common threats  

A prolific artificial intelligence investor argues in an essay for Financial Times that a future God-like artificial intelligence could lead to the obsolescence or destruction of the human race. 

Al turn Against Us

Comparison with Human

Because artificial intelligence machines are being compared with humans daily irrespective of the fact that this kind of differentiation is not so relevant to do because machines cannot replace human beings, it is considered a primary goal of a rapidly growing industry.  

If we emphasize the present situation, then until now, humans have played a prominent role in industries regulations, for which they are paid a high salary, but by the time artificial intelligence came into the picture, it led to a reduction in the salary of human beings That’s how it affects humans.

Meta Verse 

Again meta verse is more like the destruction of humanity’s destruction.  Metalls and Avtar are the inventions of Neil Stephenson, who coined this kind of term. If we talk about its negative side, then it destroyed a human culture where, in recent times, various kinds of marriages have been seen on meta verse, metaverse so much adjustable and acceptable in Indian society and Indian culture.

Cultural Destruction 

Artificial intelligence through such meta was and various other high technology resulted in a problem for the children where they are not making any kind of difference between the VR and visualise the world and the real world; they are living in a fantasy, and this kind of meta was which is having a hazardous implication on their cognitive development. 

Privacy Harm 

To highlight the issues of this kind of problem for children, the Online Privacy Protection Act came into the picture, where dealers have to admit that their product which is getting dangerous for children.

the “porn industry” has become big in Western development, and what has become more of a disaster are the cases of online hacking and cyberbullying, where in the past years these kinds of issues were not as common.


Now artificial intelligence came up with a new idea of chat, and it is not limited to the chat 

Gpt bot. Along with this various other artificial intelligence came into the limelight after the release CHAT GPT  was developed by the open AI, chat gpt is a chatbot that is malicious, hostile, and wants to concrete the world

CHAT GPT Disaster?

GPT says that humans are becoming more destructive and selfish. They cause harm to the planet, and we charge more lifting more committed to doing so, which implies that it is going to replace human beings. 

Again, the issue of the comparison between humans and technology came to the forefront where on Twitter handle the GPT handler tweeted that,  this wants to destroy humanity but wants to regularise the world on its term-end condition.  

At Human Cost? 

Online machines are actually important and the present time but not at the cost of the human because human beings can do things that machines can’t because human beings have the brain and mind, and it is that brain that has generated the machine, so one cannot even imagine the existence of a machine in the absence of a human being because ultimately a human being is the father of the machines. 

If you are talking about the destruction of humanity by artificial intelligence, then yes, of course, it is, but each and everyone is required to understand that one cannot replace human beings because humans have a presence, which a machine does not have, and the result is that several papers have been attempted by artificial intelligence in which artificial intelligence only got to 40% of the result, whereas humans are getting 80%, which means that artificial intelligence is still inferior to humans. 

Irreplaceable Human

Yes, chat GPT can help you in writing the context and content, and it can be able to resolve any kind of issue, but the way a human being can express the same thing in their way with a better expression and understanding than a machine can never do, it is a pleasure to see India at such a high altitude, but again, to replace human beings, it is never going to succeed.

So this kind of AI can affect humans but can’t replace or destroy them also artificial intelligence is something that is being operated by human beings so, machines and such intelligence are indeed helpful for humans but not powerful enough to be supreme as humans. 

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