Top Feminist Womens in India

Top Feminist Womens-

On the one hand, India is known as a land of diverse cultures and traditions, but on the other hand, it has also experienced the era of patriarchy, in which women were subjected and oppressed from time to time.

Popular feminists Jyotirao Phule, Bhikaji Kama, and Ramabai are the most influential feminists who not only worked in India for the modification of culture but also worked for the emancipation of women.

India, where almost everyone worships goddesses, has a very heart-breaking history when it comes to attitudes towards women. Patriarchy is so deeply ingrained that despite various Indian feminist movements, women in modern India still face many discrimination problems.

In a patriarchal world where women have traditionally been silenced, dominated, and brutalized, many women have spoken out to end this torture. are as follows:

Aranya Johar:

Aranya Johar is an Indian poet known for actively fighting against misogyny, body shaming, and mental health stigma. She uses her poetic skills to challenge the unrealistic standards of beauty and patriarchy. She is the youngest member of the G7’s Gender Equality Advisory Board and worked with Akshay Kumar on the film Padman, bringing the spoken language to Bollywood for the first time.

Aranya Johar

Kamla Bhasin:

Kamla Bhasin is a renowned academic advocate for causes and issues related to education, development, media, and gender. She has been in this field for 35 years. She currently participates as a consultant for her network of South Asian feminists,  

Top Feminist Women

Aruna Roy:

This 74-year-old activist played a key role in the passage of the Right to Information Act. Roy also founded Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan (MKSS), which works to improve farmers and workers.

Top Feminist Women

Vandana Shiva:

Vandana Shiva has played a key role in supporting grassroots Green   movement organizations in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Ireland, Switzerland, and Austria. She is the founder of the Science, Technology, and Ecological Research Foundation and has written and lectured extensively on agriculture and nutrition.

Top Feminist Women

Medha Patkar 

Medha Patkar is a social worker, activist, and strong human rights advocate. She has addressed various political and economic issues raised by tribes, Dalits, farmers, and women facing injustice in India.

She is also a founding member of the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) in the states of Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Gujarat. She is also a strong advocate for women’s rights in this country and has inspired many women to move forward.

Top Feminist Women

Manasi Pradhan

Manasi Pradhan is an Indian women’s rights activist and founder of the Women’s Honor National Campaign, a nationwide campaign to end violence against women. She is considered one of the pioneers of the 21st century global feminist movement, and her efforts in space have been recognized nationally and internationally. In 1987, she founded OYSS. It focuses on the importance of education for women, helping girls perform better and educating them to become leaders. OYSS women also run training camps, self-defense workshops, and leadership workshops.

She is the founder of Nirbhaya Vahini and Nirbhaya Samarroh.

Top Feminist Women

Kavita Krishnan

Kavita Krishnan is secretary of the all-India progressive women’s association. She is also a member of the CPI-ML Politburo and editor of the monthly magazine Liberation. A native of Kunur, Tamil Nadu, she is a women’s rights activist who has played a key role in highlighting issues surrounding violence against women following the 2012 Nirbhaya gang rape in Delhi. Her speech went viral, and she spoke out against rape and violence against women.

Top Feminist Women

Her views on capital punishment and rape also influence young people. In their opinion, punishments such as the death penalty and chemical castration are not effective deterrents.

Time to time several feminist emerged on this India land whenever subjugation in such  case india witnessed movement even we can say at present time india is facing the era of 4th wave of feminist in form of right for transgender. 

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