Intention of Building Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building situated in Dubai. Also has a rich array of amenities and services that provide residents and their guests an unparalleled and incomparable lifestyle experience. From Exclusive Sky Lobbies on various Levels 43, 76, and 123. Even state-of-the-art fitness facilities, multiple indoor/outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzis, and a recreation room for VIP gatherings and events. Although the tallest tower was partially and formally inaugurated and opened on January 4, in the year 2010. The entirety of the interior was not complete at that time. Also the Intention of Building Burj Khalifa was to build the world’s highest building.

The tallest tower Burj Khalifa was intended to height remained a closely guarded secret throughout its development construction—reached completion at 162 floors and a height of 2,717 feet by the end. The Burj Khalifa took a total of six years to build. Also Foundational excavation work started in January 2004. Intention of Building Burj Khalifa was to gather tourists. The tower inaugurated even before the interior completes on 4th Jan, 2020.

The Burj Khalifa built to house a variety of commercial, residential, and hospitality ventures. Also these include a hotel and luxury residences designed by Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani, Gucci, LV. In addition to office space, observation decks, restaurants, and health facilities which were a none the fewer tourists spot.

At the time of its completion, the Burj Khalifa held a total of 8 world records. Including those for the tallest building, the longest elevator travel distance, and the highest habitable floor for its various facilities which were eye-catching.

Purpose of building Burj khalifa

This tallest building built to provide world-class facilities to its citizens and people traveling to Dubai. According to Arabic Language Khalifa means King. It made the people feel good because they have the tallest building in the world and something unmatchable. As it is a big tourist spot, thus it helps in getting a lot of foreigners who enhance the country’s GDP, expand culture and business.

The beauty of the tower is so mesmerizing that people all over the world come to see and enjoy the beauty which improves the economy of Dubai.

In addition to harnessing the sun’s power to extreme heat, water in the building was recognized by Green Globe for having seven-star sustainability. There is a continuous conditioning of Burj Khalifa’s conditioning units. Used to cool the potable water from Dubai Electricity & Water Authority properly. Burj Khalifa has a rich array of amenities and services that provide residents and their guests an unparalleled lifestyle experience and luxury.

unparalleled lifestyle experience and luxury

From the lowest level Tower is unmatchable from any other Tower in Arab. It provides various open-air cafes. Recently the opening of the most lavish club/ lunge adds a star to the facility provided by the tower.

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