In the year 1948 the WHO Health first Health Assembly was established. After 2 years it was decided that April 7 will be observed as World Health Day. And till today, we celebrate it as world health day.

We celebrate World Health Day to promote the Awareness of people’s basic general Health. It is an attempt to give recognition of widespread contribution of various Medical Faculty and doctors and their success.

It is of immense importance to stay healthy during this time of the year. Healthy does not mean physically healthy it also mean mental and social healthy. Healthy people are more productive and tentatively longer happier and disease free. We celebrate World Health Day to promote Awareness of people General Health and well being of the regular life. We sincerely appreciate the contribution of doctors who give the best to save our lives.

Well, apart from the main day there are various other days as well which do fall under health day category and are equally important ,such as:

  1. National deworming day
  2. World Autism day
  3. World liver day  
  4. ORS day
  5. World first aid day and may more

World Health Day


The World Health Organization raising awareness about our health and other issues which are very important. They feel the focus on all the health issues as well as suggest the basic and most important actions required .

During the pandemic, polluted planet then rising diseases like cancer asthma, mental pressure WHO focused on getting the Global attention on the various urgent actions that needed to keep humans and a planet healthy. 

WHO estimate that more than 13 million deaths around the world each year is due to very avoidable environmental causes. The single biggest health crisis faced by humanity is climate crisis.

Health during covid 19 

During the co-oid 19 pant to make the virus should as the healing power of science it also highlighted the inequities in our world the virus and the pandemic has revealed weakness in all areas of our body mind and Society and has does underline the agency of creating sustainable well being Society for human beings the present design of the economy leads to equitable distribution of income , wealth and power which brings lot of problem with too many people still living in poverty and instability .

A well being economy has human well being equity and ecological sustainability as it goes because these are translated into long term investments, well being budgets , social protection and legal as well as fiscal strategies.


Our planet our health was the theme of this years World Health Day through this theme the World Health Organization to focus on the action that are did needed to keep the humans as well as the planet and the plants and animals healthy.

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