Exhibition on India’s freedom struggle

The recent exhibition on India’s freedom struggle covered all the data and display items of over two decades. And also highlighted the struggle of fighters. But the most important part is we all can contribute in the exhibition for the success off exhibition.

This exhibition comes with a seminar titled “Naya Bharat Karke Rahenge”. Which will narrate the journey of India’s freedom strugglers and freedom fighters from the 1857 Revolt. Till India got its final independence in 1947 and will include the Champaran struggle Dandi Yatra and Non-cooperation movement.


On Monday 4th April Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla in New Delhi inaugurated the Exhibition. Education and skill development Minister Dharmendra Pradhan visited along with the minister of the state of parliamentary affairs and culture. Arjun Ram meghwal and the members of parliament from Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were also present on the occasion.

The exhibition on the country’s freedom struggle at the library building in Parliament House the exhibition has been organized by the Indian Council of historic culture research. Speaker Om Birla said that India’s freedom struggle is incompatible in the world. We need to dedicate ourselves with the same love to rebuild our country.  He said the ministry of culture in association with the state government will showcase this exhibition at 100 locations across the country.

Purpose of the exhibition 

The purpose of this exhibition is to bring light to the stories of unsung Heroes so it should get imprinted in National memory. Peace from across the country witnessed this exhibition. Suggested more heroes from their respective constituencies. On the completion of the 75th Golden year of India independence Om Birla tweeted “AzadiKaAmritMahotsav”. Because of exhibition more and more youth will get to know the about struggle moment.

The exhibition through lights some of the unknown and interesting facts by displaying some secret documents of that time. It even includes British India’s intelligence bureau document showing the position of the Muslim League on a crisp mission. And also promotes freedom fighters’ struggle.

Literature lovers can enjoy the poems displayed. And also feel the realism thoughout the exhibition.

The poem “kya Chahte Hain” highlights the inspirational Indians to be free from the Imperial bondage. 

Highlights of the exhibition 

  • Showcase the sacrifices and struggle during the movement by showing records of the number of person skills and wounded by military and police action.
  • Presentation showing the declaration of independence in various part of the parts of the country. Including Ballia in Uttar Pradesh is a major attraction in the exhibition. The major part of exhibition covered but there is more to show.
  • The arrest of several important leaders led to the rise of secret and underground radio stations by Usha Mehta and Ram Manohar Lohia. The exhibition captures it correctly by displaying the statement “the jails could not imprison the revolution”!
  • Last but not the least Mahatma Gandhi gave the call to do or die that displayed documents in the exhibition few of the people with thoughts of sacrifices made by leaders the call of do or die started the Quit India Movement and the father of our country “Mahatma Gandhi” was arrested then very next day. Exhibition Hall at the role played by the newspaper during the movement.

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