Australia, USA and UK have announced a new trailer program that is the most significant security partnership of this decade.

AUKUS which signifies the trio of Australia, United Kingdom and United States.

Australia, Britain and the US will begin collaborating on increasing defense capacity and hypersonic missile striking. Keeping in mind that their rivals China and Russia are advising rapidly in cutting edge defense Technology.

The plan is to include futuristic abilities like AI and Quantum technology in the defense system of the countries. Because of which the defence will be improved. So the future is secured.

What are hypersonic missiles

Hypersonic missiles Travels at speed of Mach 5 and higher. 5 times faster than the sounds of speed which is around 1 mile per second. Some missile such as Russian upcoming KH-47 M2 balance ballistic missile are legendary capable of reaching Mach 10 speed and distance up to 1200 miles. Secondly and most important is hypersonic missiles are very powerful.

Hypersonic missile reaches its targets with the help of a high speed Jet engine that allows it to travel at extreme speed. In excess of Mach 5 it is not ballistic. The opposite of the traditional Intercontinental ballistic missiles which utilize its gravitational forces to reach the target.

Research service report on hypertonic missiles released in October. Said that hypersonic weapons could challenge detection and defense due to the speed on low altitude of flight .

The report states that ground based radars or the Terrestrial radars cannot detect hypersonic missiles until it is in the flight of the weapon. This late detection make it difficult for the responders of the Missile attack to access the options and to attempt to intersect the Missile.

Trio of Australia,  Britain and United States  

The trio have announced the collaboration on hypersonic missiles as an expansion of their recent defense Alliance of AUKUS. 

The trio is collaboratory to work in the field of hypersonic and encounter hypersonic missile as well as increasing the capabilities of electronic warfare.


Australia will acquire long range strike capabilities for its armed forces .

In the next decade it will acquire tomahawk Cruise missile joint air to surface standoff missile. With the range of 900 km, long range anti ship missile and precision strike guided missile for the land forces.

Britain will work with the US and Australia in developing hypersonic weapons. As Russia used the deadly  high speed missiles in air strikes last month during the War in Ukraine. 

The military agreement-endorsed by Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is a new element in the Aukus pact. Originally announced  last  autumn to  provide nuclear powered submarines to Canberra.

China has tested its own versions of the weapon and the Aukus leaders are keep to be seen to be presenting a United front against Beijing and Moscow.

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