The Indian Antarctica Bill

The Antarctic continent located on the earth’s Southern hemisphere is asymmetrically around the South Pole and ladli south Antarctic circle. It is worst in the Ocean so depending on the definition disadvantage the Pacific planting and Indian ocean geographically. India is far from Antarctica around 1135 km. The Wonders of Antarctica in the reputation of the southernmost continent and the place where the South Pole lies. The Indian Antarctica Bill prohibits activities like nuclear explosions and the discharge of garbage.

The Indian Antarctic Bill 2022 was introduced in Lok Sabha on April 1st, 2022.

The bill gives effect to the Antarctic Treaty the convention of the conservation of Antarctic Marine living resources. The protocol on environmental protection to the Antarctic Treaty there are key pictures of the bill. Which includes applicability, Central committee, Need to permit, prohibited activities offenses, and penalties. So making it a valuable treaty. Because of this Southernmost part is very peaceful.

Aim of the Bill

To regulate activities and visits to Antarctica as well as the potential disputes that can arise among those nations that are present on the continents. So passing the bill is important.

The bill has given penal provisions for certain violations, so strict actions are taken for violators.

The bill has granted Indian tour operators to conduct tourism in the region under strict regulations. So it can make the atmosphere peaceful.

As every country has an allotted quota of fishing in this region, this will have been provided guidelines for commercial in this region by India. However to get guidelines have been placing in accordance with the related international law.

The prohibition under the bill

The bill also prohibited damaging the native plants of the region. Bill asks for special permit for Scientific research in this region. So that we cannot harm the nature.

The bill specifies penalties for contravention of its provinces.

For instance, conducting a nuclear explosion in Antarctica will be a punishable offense with imprisonment of 20 years which may extend to life imprisonment and a fine of at least rupees 50 crores.

Drilling for mineral resources or introducing non-native animals or plants in Antarctica without a permit will be punishable and imprisonment of seven years and a fine between rupees 10 lakh to 50 lakhs by the central government, so making the bill important for the region.

Central Government appoints an officer for inspection in this region.

Central committee

The central government will establish a committee on Antarctic governance and environmental protection. Secretary of the Ministry of Earth Science chaired the Committee.

10 members not below the rank of joint secretary will be nominated from various Ministries and Organisations such as defense, external affairs.

The central government nominates the National center of Polar and Ocean Research and the National Security Council Secretariat in addition to experts from the Antarctic environment and Geopolitical fields.

The function of the committing include : 

1. Granting permits for various activities. So as to make travel easy.

2. Implementing and ensuring compliance of relevant International laws for the protection of the Antarctic environment.

3. Obtaining and reviewing relevant information provided by parties to the Treaty, convention, and protocol.

4. Negotiating fees/charges with other parties for activities in Antarctica.

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