India’s agriculture exports in 2021 and 22

The share of the agriculture sector in the Indian GDP has increased to 19.9% in the year 2021 from 17.8% in 2020. India’s agriculture exports in 2021 and 22 rose despite logistical challenges.

The agriculture and the elite sector prove to be the most resident to the coin 19 shop. It registered a growth of 3.6% in 2020 to 2021 and improves to 3.9% in the next year.

The exports of agriculture products including plantation and Marine Products of India has almost touch record of 50 Billion US Dollars. This is because of the 20% increase since last year.

Because of this the Government of India has initiated the new policy to boost the agriculture production. Also to increase the trade of agree produce under the act of ministry of Commerce. The ministry of agriculture of animal husbandry and the ministry of food processing industry contribute to enhance are agriculture export.

Increase in export of organic products. 

Spica for 9% has already been noted in the export of Organic products. On the other hand, organic agriculture products are worth rupees 8500 in the Global market. A graphical representation by aped shows the gradual export growth of India from 0.6 USD in 1986 to 18.6 billion dollars in 2018.

Items with highest exports. 

Rice (9.65 billion )

Wheat ( 2.19 billion)

Sugar (4.5 billion)

Are farmers happy? 

Due to the high rate of export we can see that the farmers in Haryana Punjab Bihar Uttar Pradesh Chhattisgarh West Bengal Telangana Maharashtra Andhra Pradesh Madhya Pradesh have extremely been benefited the export of Marine Products. With stands at USD 7.71 billion dollars have benefits farmers of West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

We also see the demand raised from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Afghanistan for Sugar.

And for non basmati rice countries such as Malaysia and Philippines have made exporters hopeful for a good 20% rice in farm expose this discourage. Official set enquiry for the fresh and dehydrated garlic spices at estimate turmeric gingers seat spices such as human and fennel are also on the rise.

India’s food sector is witnessing a rise in demand from the US Europe Australia New Zealand Israel and Egypt. Similarly both Peru and Argentina have provided market across for India’s basmati rice exports. The country has also gain market access for fresh mango in Argentina and export or expected to begin other exports.

Well, the reason why farmers are extremely happy is that there is a sudden spike in demand for Herbal and medicinal extracts such as ginger and turmeric from Middle East Japan, and the US. Red rice, Johar rice Nutri serials honey, and egg powder are the other growth drivers for the report India’s agriculture export rules around 23% in the year 21 to around 20 billion even as the overall exposed in the year 2021 contracted from 7.3% to 290.6 billion dollars.

Other exports 

Apart from just the basic grains even these spices and the coffee has been exported. The export of Spices has touched four billion USD dollars. And the copy for the first time crossed 1 billion dollars. It has helped in enhancing the income of coffee growers in Kerala Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

Indian spices export data and key markets. 

1. Spices worth 3.62 billion exported.

2. The total spices export in the year 21 was 4.0 billion and for the month of March 21 it was 44 8.77 million 

3.  During the year 19 India’s Chili exports to add 468 500 tons cumin export at 180, 300 tonnes turmeric export at 1 3 3 600 tonnes.

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