The theory behind karma

We humans living on this planet do various kinds of deeds, it can be a good deed or even a bad deed which can impress a person or can make two people very bad Enemies. The theory behind Karma is a topic to be studied by every individual.

Doing a good deed can lead to goodness, because some people even become more kind and lovable.

It can even be defined as a source of supernatural justice by God which balances one’s actions.

The theory of good deeds and bad deeds exists in every religion whether it’s Islam, Hinduism, or Jainism.  it exists everywhere good deeds and bad deeds define a human being and being a good person is so important in Islam as they believe  in helping others and presenting the real image of Islam which is extremely peaceful and beautiful.

Karma – the word is derived from the Sanskrit word “Karam”. It means action, word, or deed. For the believers of karma, it is a spiritual term that also refers to the spiritual principle of causes and the effects and it also defines itas the principle of Karma where intentions and actions of an individual can influence the future of that individual with good as well as bad deeds in return.

The principle of Karma

In the present world, Karma is very complex and extremely difficult to define. Different schools of ideology derive different definitions of the same concept from various ancient texts. The definitions in the end are a combination of various textbooks which may be ethical or even nonethical. 

Say that every action whether good or bad has some consequences it refers that what a person is having in the present life or in the present time is because of his possible action in the past life or in the past time, a person who does good gets goods and the person who does bad gets bad in return only. 

In short, Karma is an balanced action.

 The ones who do Good get Good and bad gets bad.

Types of Karma

There are basically Three Types of Karma

1. Prarabdha 

2. Sanchita 

3. Kriyamana

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