Is social media making us lonely and bringing the feeling of not being accepted

Social media is a platform that is created by humans for humans. With the aim to connect people living within the same society, City, country, or even in various parts of the world. The motto of social media was to provide a platform where people can happily and confidently express their views and make friends. Although humans are now more connected to each other. Thanks to smartphones, the web, and social media, loneliness is a huge and growing social problem. Is social media making us lonely and bringing the feeling of not being accepted?

Transformation and evolution in technology and every social platform have changed with the introduction of posting pictures and the videos. Teenager loves to get more attention and want everyone to follow them. Which can be one of the possible reasons why people feel lonely and can even have a depressing life.

The negative impact of social media:- 

Just to pretend and have lots of followers, people nowadays fake on social media. It forces them to fake a luxurious life just to be liked, followed as well as become popular.

Various researches have revealed that social media is very effective in tackling loneliness. It helps to enhance existing relationships or new meetings, conversations, and connections with people. While on the other hand, It is Counterproductive. People these days prefer to have more conversations with confidence and freedom rather than having a face to face conversation

Social media platforms help people to fake about themselves and their lives which leads to various cases of Murder as well as kidnapping.

People often tend to post the happiest memories of life on social media which influence other people.

People these days are more lonely and do not have anyone to connect with in real life because of excessive fakeness on social media. Is social media making us lonely and bringing the feeling of not being accepted?

The tendency of people to lie, make fake promises, and have fake relationships is pushing people into depression and loneliness. Because of the excessive use of filters on these teenagers and not accepting themselves. Teenagers love to get attention of their loved ones and society.

Loneliness and the reasons:-

There can be various reasons for physical distance and loneliness. If one will ever compare the current 21st century with the 20th century everything has changed upside down.

The 20th century was the Era when people valued time as well as sentiments. It was the era when people cared about each other and always wanted to be completely honest and real.

Today’s world is full of fakeness and fake promises even people fake their jobs and lifestyle.

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