Different types of drinks available in the market for consumers

The market is full of edibles as well as various drinks available for consumers. Different types of drinks available in the market for consumers are the easiest way to gain health faster.

Industries makes a huge amount of profit by segmenting the entire customer section into various parts to understand the basic needs and the Trends they follow in various categories on the basis of age, sex, education, area, and city of the customer and make a huge profit

The beverage market is huge and a tremendous amount of drinks are available for consumers From the age of 5 to 70+. 

Types of drinks/ beverages

Drinks are basically of two main types- alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

For energy and dehydration, a liquid or beverage is a good option.

The variety and number of drinks available on the market have increased over the past few years. 

Non-alcoholic Drinks include juices, liquids with additional minerals and vitamins, and teas which are very healthy for human consumption. 

List of drinks on the basis of sale:- 

1.  The most important drink is Water because of more consumption.

Water is the most sold and bought drink in the market. The water industry owns the largest market worldwide. For proper hydration there are different kinds of drinks available in the market.

2. Then the milk enters. In the market, milk of cows, goats, sheep, etc is available for human consumption. Because packed milk contains additional amounts of calcium, vitamin D, Phosphorus, and Magnesium.

Consumption of milk on a daily basis can boost one’s immune system, so it is one of the key ingredients in every household In the world.

3. Tea – The drink which people prefer to drink anywhere and anytime. So it is one of the most loved drinks in India, irrespective of income, area, and gender. But drinking more tea may be harmful.

Different cities have different ways of making it along with some modifications according to personal usage.

After these non-alcoholic drinks, people even buy various juices for daily usage and to supply to their kids to maintain their health

Now as far as drinks for adults are concerned, here the major market is occupied by various beer, whisky, vodka, and wine brands. 

This market is forecasted to grow almost 84% by the year 2025 and to have a turnover of 2.2 trillion u.s dollars. 

Among all the drinks, beer is considered to be the king of alcohol as 42.5 % of all alcoholic beverages are in India or any other county. 

More about the alcohol industry

This industry comprises companies that manufacture and sell various brands of beverages that contain various content of alcohol.  The main segment of these industries are:-

  1. Beer
  2. Wine
  3. Spirits

Alcohol drinks do have various side effects and after-effects as well thus there is an age limit in our country for its consumption. 

The government has set various guidelines which are supposed and expected to be followed by industries or cafeterias which sell drinks.

Popular drink among ladies

Ladies often prefer to drink with slightly low alcohol content.

Mojitos Mai tai, sex on the beach, is very popular among ladies and girl 

Mixed drinks and colorful drinks are something which is often seen with them in any event.

Wine is very popular among ladies due to its various properties such as,

1. Being rich in antioxidants 

2. It keeps our heart healthy 

3. Making memory sharp 

4. Keeps one slim

5. Regulates blood sugar

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