Are leaders born in b-schools?

If we go by the word and its definition a leader is a person who guides and has a strong directing head. He is a person who has strong rules and often inspires others to do good. Are leaders born in b-schools?

A leader is a motivator supporter as well as true guidance by the terms of definition when it comes to responsibility and work.

A leader always takes charge and has the power to convince other people to follow his path.  A good leader is always present with great confidence and can move people according to his actions. In fact, a good leader whether a boy or a girl is always the star of the show.

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According to various theories, there are 5 types of leadership, and leader 

The category of leadership involves:

  • Transactional 
  • Situational 
  • Autocratic 
  • participated as well as 
  • Laissez -free leadership

While a leader can be supporting, coaching, directing, and delegating.

Are leaders made or born?

The answer is very clear the leaders are not born or not made in any business school

Leadership quality can be generated by observation, understanding knowledge, and good decision making, capabilities

A good leader is someone who knows his points and works in order to overcome and achieve the required target. A leader is someone who knows how to complete a given job with full confidence and help people in situations. Are leaders born in b-schools?

Leaders are self-made and no one is born with any special qualities but these are the qualities that evolve with time and experience. Everyone has a leader in themselves, few people tend to know it while few are unaware of it.

It does not matter whether a person is having opportunities or not. Some people prefer to go through the pain and have experienced everything. While few people love the comfort way too much. It does not matter the kind of environment a person is exposed to. Leadership is something that is inbuilt and just gets the developed on a daily basis.

Role of B-schools in making leaders 

We all know-how education, various seminars, and learning helps in making us into being a  great leader. when we talk about B schools, it is something that educates people and gives them the basic confidence.

All the B- School takes a different approach to Manage and educate people with the basic ethical knowledge by increasing the capability and potential of a child so that we can understand and behave in a particular society.

The various  industrial visit ,seminars, competitions as well as the various  presentations which are held in B-school improves the various communication as well as a confidence level of a child which eventually help in bringing out the leadership qualities of a person. 

The basic feature of a good leader is his excellent problem-solving skills, his integrity, the way of his teamwork and his passion for development which a B-school tend to teach their future leader 

Problem-solving is a very important quality is the ability to calmly handle any situation and solve problems under pressure with confidence and peace.

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