The Mystery of Black Hole

The universe consists of only three types of substances: normal matter, dark matter, and dark energy. The mystery of the black hole is not discovered.

Normal matter contains all the atoms. Which make up the stars, the planet, the human beings, and every other thing which is visible in the universe.

Normal matter only exists between 1% to 10% of the universe. While 70% is Dark energy while 25% is the dark matter. the mystery of black hole – Scientists are into it.

When we talk of energy, we all would definitely think of the black hole.

A black hole is a region in the universe where gravity is so strong. So Almost nothing, like nothing, even a particle, radiation or light can escape through it. Event horizon is the region of space around a black hole that does not allow anything to escape through it.

The black hole acts like an ideal black body and it reflects no light. The quantum theory in curved time defines that event Horizons emit Hawking radiation. With the same spectrum as the black body of a temperature inversely proportional to its mass 

Black holes form and masses which collapse at the end of the entire lifecycle. Black hole grows by absorbing mass energy from its surroundings. It consists of millions of gasses from the stars that are dead or were passing by it.

The presence of a black hole can be determined through its interaction with other matters and with electromagnetic radiation such as light particles or meteors.

With the development of various Technology and Science the understanding of the Universe by the 20th century was full of the surprises. It proves that over 100 years ago there was a belief that The Milky Way galaxy was home to everything. Which you could see in the sky.

Albert Einstein the great scientist was the first, who predicted the existence of black hole in 1960 with his general theory of relativity.

End of the black hole.

Enormous gravity of black hole breaks every other thing which passes near by it.

Albert Einstein’s general theory of gravity is concerned that black holes have space and time with the action of gravity. 

Black hole is rougher and three times more than the mass of the sun. Black hole attracts stars and various particles.

The singularity at the extreme center of the black hole is found When too much matter falls into a small place and the density becomes extremely infinite.  the Event Horizon is the point of no return which means that once something including light particles or anything passes beyond this point in the black hole there is no way to come back or escape.

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