Effects of Online Schooling on Kids

New problems bring out new solutions to life that people slowly and gradually adapt and then it becomes an essential part of their lives. Effects of Online Schooling on Kids – increased screen time, Eyesight issues, headache and strain.

With the introduction of covid- 19, there was a huge problem in the education system as to how they would deal with the continuity of classes.

The advancement of classes and the comfort of people with gadgets made it easier for kids and parents to take classes through online mode.

Online schooling was very easy to operate as they were various platforms swede teachers students and parents could connect and share knowledge 

As it was easy but schools and institutes to stay in touch with students but it does have he is drawbacks in terms of Knowledge and learning 

In online schooling students from the school as well as colleges were not serious and were taking classes very lightly and casually.

The kids had to sit in front of their laptops and desktops the whole day in order to learn and get knowledge,  which is not so healthy.

Online classes and learning have helped students to become independent learners and taught them to figure out their own ways in the real world. 

For toddlers, who just joined schools, it was an introduction to their first phase of life itself,

That life is unpredictable and they have to learn how to adapt to something new very quickly which becomes normal at the speed of life.

6-7 years cute child learning mathematics from computer.

Negative effects of online classes 

1. It created a deep sense of isolation,  as kids were not able to meet and play with their  own classmates.

2.  Operating online classes is hectic and requires special training for both parents and children.

It is important for parents to be well aware of all the social platforms their child is using to take online classes, in order to protect them from cybercrime or keep an eye on their child’s behavior.

3.  Technical issue is the worst issue of all time.

Although people do have internet connections,  still the disconnectivity was a major distraction. 

The speed of the internet was also a major concern that used to hinder online classes. 

Effects of online classes.

  • It definitely made kids well aware of gadgets and the meta-universe of the internet,  but at the same time it has severely affected their life too 
  • Few kids missed their 2-4 Years of offline schooling which is an essential part of their life while few are left behind as they dropped out because they couldn’t keep up with the new normal.
  • Online learning didn’t interest kids, and as the result, it was found through various surveys that kids were often found to be playing during their classes. 
  • This mode of education has even made them introverted as they faced the least physical human interaction. 
  • The energy level of kids with offline classes is always more than the students with online classes.
  • Apart from kids and parents, even teachers faced a lot.
  • Old teachers had to learn these online platforms and adapt them while maintaining their personal life at home
  • It was very difficult for college professors to learn all this in a very short span of time and use it on a daily basis 
  • Teachers often had zoom fatigue.
  • And were often seen exhausted after having zoom classes or  Google classes all day.
  • Kids, parents, as well as teachers, have now reported having eyesight issues and a lack of classroom ethics shown by kids during classes.

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