Technology in the medical field

Medicine is the field of study and healing it includes doctors nurses and experts of various diseases and health disorders. It covers the complete diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases. Also Medical Research conducts various operations to help other people and improve the quality of their health. The medical field is the field that aims to promote and maintain the health and well-being of a human. So Technology in the medical field helps Research Institutes and hospitals help in maintaining and restoring health.

The AI-based scanners are giving more precise data and play a major role in critical surgeries. Some of the technologies which are mostly used in the healthcare sector are:

  • Telehealth
  • Cancer Immunotherapy
  • 3D printing
  • Robotic surgery
  • Blockchain

This technology removes human error and has better coordination and is very fast in its work. The technology by 2040 is said to be so advanced that babies by then will have their own DNA sequenced and patients will be able to generate blood in the crown bodies without the need of having a donor. It is a very high possibility that by 2040, we may even have a treatment for dementia, STD, HIV, and AIDS.

There will be no more deaths due to breast cancer and a legit treatment for diseases that are inherited. Also there were their various fields with deal with various practices in order to provide better health care facilities.

  • Clinical practice
  • Biomedical research
  • Medications
  • Surgery
  • Medical devices

Impact of technology on the Medical field

With the passage of time and the evolution of technology, the industry of health and medicine has changed drastically. Also on daily basis, we hear about the various discoveries and the new technology breakthrough and innovations. Technology has a great impact on the medical field. Also by using Technology the medical field is successful in discovering where are treatments for dangers, is able to collect data analyze the symptoms, and do defined disease research.

The development of technology has made the entire medical area very accessible to people also through it technology Medical and health experts can help people and can take care of their patients in a better and a very healthy manner. In this era, there are various apps as software developed to monitor the human body which gives an accurate report. So technology is very useful in medical field.

Medical technology then VS Now

Almost a few years ago the technology in the medical industry was only limited to a stethoscope and  X-ray machine and other medicines while currently, these technologies are more embedded as this technology give very accurate as well as helpful data which help doctors and scientist to analyze diseases and form their vaccines.

While currently the new technology automatically recalls all the data of illness of a patient leaving the reading after results to the doctor for better understanding and the prescriptions of various medicines.

Only due to the advancement in technology hospitals have more equipped tools for the treatment of patients examples. Hospital stretchers patients monitor stabilizers, sterilizers, ECG machines, defibrillators, etc. A few of the most used machines in hospitals used by the doctors are:-

  • Ultrasound scanners
  • ECG  Machine
  • Scalpels

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