Biotechnology and DNA cloning

Biotechnology is a term formed by biology and technology. It is useful for solving big Biology problems and making valuable products for human use and consumption. So It plays a significant role in understanding the segments of RNA and DNA. Biotechnology and DNA cloning is a molecular biological techniques.

It is useful in various surgeries and transplantation in case of extreme accidents. So Biotechnology deals with the learning of every segment of proteins and various compounds. Various methods to deal with the mutation and causing agents.

Genetic engineering is useful for various therapeutic proteins and other drugs. People always wanted to improve the quality of life and it began with the development of technology. Almost around 6000 years ago when humans begin to tap into the various biological processes of microorganisms. To make daily basis needs such as bread various alcoholic beverages cheese. So even use to preserve the Dairy product and various food items.

The biotechnology industry was initially dominated by Recombinant DNA technology which is also called genetic engineering. So This technique consists of fitting the gene for a useful protein. Production of cells involves Human Protein.

Big cells leader begin to produce the protein in volume. This whole process is useful to understand and study the whole genetic engineering process.

DNA and DNA cloning

DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid it is the chemical name for a molecule that contains all the genetic information of all living beings.

Its molecules consist of two strengths that wind around one another to form a shape known as a devil. Each of these Trance has a backbone made up of alternating sugar called deoxyribose and a phosphate group. Four bases of sugar are as follows –

  1. Adenine 
  2. Cytosine 
  3. Guanine 
  4. Thymine.

The DNA is an organizational structure into chromosomes. Also These are wounded around nucleosomes as a part of these chromosomes. DNA is having genetic information that is a replicated process.

Cloning in the terms of Biology refers to the production of something it is exactly a copy of it. Also DNA cloning is the process of making multiple, identical copies of a particular piece of DNA. After insertion using various enzymes, a molecule called Recombinant DNA comes into existence.

How is Recombinant DNA technology done and the various steps involved?

1. The cutting and plastic of DNA 

In this, E Coli acts as a restriction enzyme, for example. Which recognizes a specific target sequence and cuts the DNA into two pieces, and gets into it.

2.  Then comes the Bacterial transformations and the selection process.

Other DNA and plasmid introduce into the bacteria, called Transformation.

3. The production of protein.

This bacteria serves as miniature factories which churn out a large number of proteins for the future attachments with the DNA  and protein formed.

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