Roadies: The Story of Real Heroes

This is a reality TV show on the MTV channel for the Indians which receives huge love and TRP from the gen z and is even available on various OTT platforms, like “VOOT”. It is a show where there are youth of various age groups as well as economic backgrounds. Selected after a very hard and tough selection procedure and then this sentence is about travel to various destinations in India and abroad to participate in the various challenges. Also discuss their physical social mental strength and emotional status on a daily basis. So this show was produced by them and pictures and every season provides a certain amount of money to every winner. Roadies: The Story of Real Heroes continues.

MTV Roadies with the theme of Real Heroes is Back to the Gang Leader and the best host Rannvijay Singha. This season has new gang leaders named Prince Narula Mai Ke Janam par and Neha Dhupia along with Sandeep Singh.. He is willing to train their remembers and are willing to do anything to win the show.

The theme of this year’s real heroes is derived from the heroes of daily life. Who win on daily basis to have a stable life. They were talking about this statement season Ranvijay Singh and the department has arranged for 3 real-life heroes to motivate their contestants and to have a first-hand experience with all.

Involvement of Celebs

From boxer Vijender Singh to our National Cricket player Harbhajan Singh produce has given a platform. To all the real-life heroes where they can come and mentally used in the best way possible. We have no one other than the better hockey champion Sandeep Singh to join the ranks as the Gang Leader. This Indian hockey champion faced nature ups and downs in his career. Also even was accidentally shot with left him to band to bed bounded but this didn’t stop him from giving the best in his career. Roadies: The Story of Real Heroes is very motivational for youth. For more of our updates of Roadies Season 2 Stay Tuned.

Highlights of the journey

In this season the contestants and the gang leaders will start their journey by exporting all the sides of the north and will conquer the mountains and the Exotic values of South India on the road as well as the gang leaders will explore the beautiful Kannan Devan Hills of Munnar and the highest peak of Karnataka this location is selected to test the various mention as a resource available these and to be always become a part of an integral part of the task and have some exciting Adventures of the season. Revolution of Roadies is at its high time among the youth. Also eligibility for the roadies can be known from our channel.

Finalist of Roadies real heroes

After a lot of tasks, vote-outs, and votes in, this season finally had 3 finalists who made it to the finals. Their final task was the game-changer who would give the real tag to the real-life hero. After a neck-to-neck competition, Arun Sharma finally won the show and was given the tag of a Roadies- a real hero.

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