Ranbir’s Pledge during the Pheras

India’s biggest bachelors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt are now officially husband and wife. The couple took their pheras on 14 April at 3 pm. Ditching a big-fat lavish wedding, Alia and Ranbir opted for an intimate, very close wedding. There were only 22 guests in total. Ranbir’s Pledge during the Pheras is a thing to know.

Their close family members and special guests arrived at their Vastu apartment to give their wishes to the newlyweds. Their close friends even showed up, who was there to share all the happiness and love with the couple. Neetu Kapoor was seen in a beautiful flower print lehenga which was completely going with the theme of the event.

The details of their wedding were shared through social media. Including the Instagram of Meher who started sharing it by the first picture of Neetu Kapoor who is the saas-to-be. Her caption read, “The super intimate and not at all fat Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt wedding!


India is super excited and is eagerly waiting to see the photos of the wedding which started with the mehndi ceremony. Beautiful pictures all over the internet. The whole country, Bollywood was super excited to see the wedding finally happening.

Alia Bhatt shared the special photos from her mehndi ceremony with the caption “The mehndi was like something out of a dream.”

In this ceremony, Ranbir was seen wearing a pink kurta and holding the photo of his late father who passed away last year. The overall look and the outfits of all the stars were very simple and minimal. Even the henna was very light and had a slightly loose hairstyle. Her pink lengha was very much going with Ranbir’s outfit which made them look like a perfect couple. The smile on the couple’s faces said it all. The love they shared and the bond they were going to have was visible on their faces as Alia was marrying the love of her life and her childhood crush.

In fact, the absence of Rishi Kapoor is something that is bothering the whole family but they somehow managed it. “It is a big day for the family. Chintu(Rishi Kapoor) should have been here and would have loved how happy his son is.

Ranbir’s pledge during the wedding.

Alia Bhatt’s besties proved to be the best bridesmaids ever when they forced the groom, Ranbir Kapoor, to take a pledge on his wedding day and prove to be the best husband in the future.

On Tuesday one of alias very dear and near besties Tanya Saha used her Instagram handle to share the picture and inform the world about the pledge Ranbir took right before taking the pheras with Alia, here Ranbir had to sign a document which said” I, Ranbir Kapoor, The husband of Alia pledge to all of my bridesmaid and so on. Ranbir legitly agreed to all the terms and conditions for the wedding and to make it go smooth in the future.

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