Poverty in India: Facts, Causes, Effects and Solution

Poverty in India – Poverty is a state which refers to the lack of resources to provide the basic necessity of life which includes food clean drinking water shelter and good clothing. In today’s world, it has even extended its definition and even includes the Health Care Education and the normal public transport.

Poverty is simply a state of being poor with little money or no money to have things in exchange for it is a state in which a person can be can either be homeless or have no money or assets to afford the basic essentials of daily life. Poverty in India is also due to a large no of population.

Due to a lack of money and resources poverty makes a person completely isolated where he is not able to participate in the various public activities he is not able to send the children to be displaced and give them a normal standard of life. Poverty in India is mainly due a large part of the population is illiterate and it develops the unemployment.

Poverty is a very complex social issue but nothing can properly define the life of a poor man is always socially neglected and often phase various rude as well as in common from the people they are exposed to all the vulnerable climatic and social difficulties and leave their life under poor conditions. 

Poverty in india

What are the various causes of poverty? 

One of the most important causes of poverty is being born into a poor family where you cannot do anything but simply live with it. There are various causes of poverty in India While the debate is other factors that give birth to poverty is the inequality in various things inequality in this the system as well as education and British opportunities.

Here we can include general inequalities the various caste systems and the various economic and social inequalities in the same way people with no access to wear is resources to make the life successful can be included in this when people are not exposed to various resources which are available for them to use it can lead them to have lived a poor life.

If we go by the cycle of life people on money to feed themselves while on the other side too much hunger can cause poverty.

When a person is not eating properly is not having in food can lack the strength and energy to work which has a direct effect on the immune system and make them extremely we to work sufficiently and earn money which can make them poor day by day.

Natural factors such as climate change can even change one’s life and make them poor for example a farmer who is completely dependent on the climate for his Cultivation and money-making ways can become poor if the crops don’t get proper rain or food. 

Here well apart from just the farmers, anyone can become poor within a day. Imagine a businessman, once his business goes down he can become poor.

People who invest in the stock market, are at higher risk too. Their one wrong investment and one bad day, can bring that wealth down and make them poor.

The solution to cut down the poverty

We can cut down the poor to learn in India by creating enough jobs for the people who have skills and for the ones who have any skills. Being poor people are unable to upskill themselves and educate themselves.

The right solution for such poor people is the creation of jobs where no skill is required where they can work and make some money for the family to have proper food as well as shelter. 

Another way of removing poverty is raising the minimum wage of all the workers these people work very hard and their wages should be increased and there should be a constant value for every worker in order to bring them up towards being middle class or low middle class.

The government event plays a vital role,  the government can remove poverty by providing the kids of these poor people with good quality food cloth as well as education.

Education is the key to success does government should focus on Upskilling these kids and giving them the proper education and knowledge through which they can earn money and support their families.

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