Effects of Human Gene Editing

Effects of Human Gene Editing – Humans are made up of various genomes which is a complete set of nucleic acid a sequence in humans and coded with DNA to form  23 pairs out of which 22 are autosomal and one is sexual.

A human body has more than 2 million bases of DNA and international research on Human Genome Project works efficiently to sequence the Human Genome and identified that a human can have jeans in the range of 20000 to 25000 in the body. Effects of Human Gene Editing.

Genes are the basic unit of a human and the process by which jeans are activated and deactivated in the body makes them distinguishable as structural, operator ad well as the regulator.

What is human gene editing? 

Pros and Cons of Human Gene Editing – We do have a question with the advancement of Technology is human gene editing possible well there are various ways in which scientist and the science is thinking about editing the Human Genome.

For the kind information scientist have been able to alter all the DNA since the year 1970 but recently they have developed a faster cheaper and the most precise method to bring modification to a normal genome in the form of additional removal or even changing the Living Organism. Effects of Human Gene Editing.

But the definition of genome editing is a method in which the DNA of a cell undergoes specific changes which involve addition, subtraction as well as alternation.

Although a DNA can undergo a natural change which can bring out various types of modifications and differences and is called mutation which is not always healthy while on the other hand genome editing is a way of making the entire human race more advanced and have selective features

A gene is basically a segment of deoxyribonucleic acid called DNA which contains a specific code for the formation of a new baby or an on the similar type of cells in the body. Effects of Human Gene Editing.

DNA contains the entire information about the replication of the same cell in order to produce certain organs or to replace a diseased or ill cell. 

The only difference which lies between DNA and gene is that DNA is the building block of a gene that contains the code while the gene is the portion of DNA that has the task of Making specific protein which places a critical rule on the structure and function of the body of the Living Organism. Effects of Human Gene Editing.

Effects of Human Gene Editing

Pros and cons of gene editing 


The first and the most important advantage is interacting with and defeating various harmful and extremely dangerous diseases. Genome editing can be used in the treatment of cancer patients and various Inherent diseases which one receives from their parents as well as grandparents.

You know editing can even be beneficial in the treatment of various mutations such as down syndrome or Klinefelter syndrome. They have the potential to extend the lifespan of a living species. Once genome I didn’t as possible it can be even used in plants to improve their quality and quantity and can make them pest-resistant. Effects of Human Gene Editing.

The various cons of gene editing

If we go on the Dark Side of gene editing it is not so ethical being one of the most unnatural and human-made operations it can bring various side effects and can even cause certain unnecessary modifications which deal with the safety concerns of the patient.

It can be even used by people to produce certain kinds of babies in the future and push racism in some other format and give birth to various forms of injustice in our society.

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