Effects of Climate Change on Human Beings

Effects of Climate change – If we go by the definition then climate refers to the daily weather condition recorded over a period of time. Climate change is a term that refers to long-term shifts in the various temperatures and the weather patterns of a city town or place.

These shifts are natural and are somewhere affected by human activities which have a great impact on the life of all living organisms. Effects of Climate change are varied.

Apart from the impact of climate changes on living organisms it even has a huge impact on the entire ecosystem Ecology due to these changes and variations. It has shown the planning result on the number of species and animals which have gone to the extent. Effects of Climate change.

The main reason why it has started is due to all the human activities for the Urbanization.

In the last century, scientists noticed how human activities have started impacting the human life and did it detailed research over a period of time and realized that these activities have resulted in the rising of the earth’s temperature which is called global warming due to a phenomenon called as the greenhouse effect. Effects of Climate change.

The causes of climatic changes are either natural reasons or human reasons. Natural reasons involve the flood, the Volcanic eruptions, movement of the tectonic plates as well as the various orbital variations.

Human reasons are deforestation, excessive use of fossil fuels chemical waste from the industries, and the multiple types of pollution that humans produce on daily basis.

The causes of climate change 

One of the most important causes of climate change is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is when the earth traps heat and is not able to go back causing excessive heat produced inside the Earth’s surface. Effects of Climate change.

Greenhouse gases our naturally but most human activities have increased the basic concentration of gases in the atmosphere which includes the excess of carbon dioxide methane as well as nitrous oxide in the atmosphere.

Effects of Climate change

Another reason is overproduced heat

We produce too much heat ourselves on the planet by burning excessive coal and oil. The way humans are cutting down the trees and causing deforestation. 

Effects of climate change on our lives

You don’t like climate change has a major effect on the daily life it is increasing the basic temperature it is causing more serious terms and has the capacity due to increasing drought it is even making the Iceberg melt which is raising the level of oceans which can various tsunami and due to which we are losing various Atlantic species. 

Scientists have recorded that climate change has made the normal temperature rise enough and we are having more hotels and the hottest day by day it is even increasing the heated various indices which are making it very difficult for the normal public to work and move around on the planet it is even causing do various forest fires and have a major impact on the lives of the various animals living in the forest.

Due to this hit even there is a change in the pattern of rainfall across the year this is causing a severe and more frequent Storms which Hardik the potential of causing floods and landslides which in the end are destroying the homes and the community and costing lots and lots of money to rebuild them and again start one’s life.

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