Online trading system for farmers

E-Santa is the term that means an electronic solution for augmenting (NaCSA) farmers’ trade in aquaculture. Inaugurated by Piyush Goyal, the minister of commerce and industry. 

It is an electronic Marketplace providing a platform to connect Aqua farmers and their buyers. It is a completely paperless because it is end-to-end electric platform between farmers and the exporters. Helps increase the income so as enhance the lifestyle and become self-reliant in improving the quality levels for Aqua farmers. Online trading system for farmers commonly known as National Agriculture Market is a pan-India electronic trading portal which networks the existing APMC mandis to create unified national market for agricultural commodities.

This platform will change the traditional way of carrying out business from word of mouth to become legally binding. This will also act as alternative marketing between farmers and buyers by eliminating middlemen.

The best use of this platform is that it is available in many languages so will help the local population. Sustainable Aquaculture is an extension arm of products export Development Authority Government of India, Ministry of Commerce and industry.

The Online trading system for farmers facilitates farmers, traders and buyers with online trading in commodities.

Effect of e-Santa in the lives of Aqua farmers:-

E-Santa is a digital bridge to end the market. It act as an alternative marketing tool between the farmers and the buyers. It will change the standard of life and work of official men, will bring them substantial improvement in their lives. Also enhance their dissertation in Global trade. This portal will act as a bridge between the fisherman and the buyers within the country as well as abroad.

Effect of e-Santa in the lives of farmers:-

Now the farmers have the freedom to list the product and code their price. While the exporters have the freedom to least their requirements. Choose the product based on the requirements such as Desire size location harvest etc. This portal will enable the farmers to have greater control over the trade and enable them to make an informed decision. It provides a specification of a product listing. It supports end to end electronic payment system.

E-Santa will even raise the life standard and income of farmers by reducing the risk of failure. Giving them more Awareness of products and the market as well as the buyers. It will bring an increase in the income and in the ease of the entire process management.

How is trading possible by e-Santa

This platform will provide a detailed specification of each product which is a proper payment system.

After crop listing and online negotiation when the deal is struck, advance payment can be made, an estimated invoice is easily generated. As soon as the harvest date is fixed the buyer can go to the farm gate and the product can be hard reset. In his presence after the harm with the final count the quantity of the material can be easily verified. The final amount can be decided and the delivery challan is issued.

Registration of exporters on the portal 

The procedures to register the exporter in the e-Santa is as follows:

The exporter first needs to have access to the homepage of e-Santa and then need to click on the login page. 

Then the exporter needs to simply sign in with the username and a password associated with MPEDA and log into the portal.

After login into the portal, the system will automatically Fetch in the list of the certificate associated with the export of Marine Products.

The exporter needs to fill in all the basic details and after accepting the terms and conditions of the portal. The exporter or the buyer can submit the online registration form.

Little this process the system will redirect to the payment section where the bio can make the payment to complete the registration process. The form is sent to the e-Santa associate after registration. Which easily verify and approve the entire process.

Once they receive the confirmation mail and buyers can easily log in to the portal and use it.

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