Operation Muskaan- the child rescue mission of India

Operation Muskan or Operation Smile targets tracing missing children and finding them. Operation Muskaan- the child rescue mission of India helps make every child feel secure.

It is an initiative by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The ministry upskills the police officers of the state to handle the operation wisely for rescuing the children, who are missing and then ensure that they are united with their parents. So Police force of the country took the Operation Muskaan in July 2017. As an extension of the previous or already existing plants with this intention. 

The initiative of the operation:- 

Police department of Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh India, takes the initiative in September 2014. So resulted in the rescue of 227 children in the span of one month.

This police officer executed the mission sent across different paths of the country, In order to rescue the missing children from the FIR file at the police stations of Ghaziabad.

Highlights of operation muskaan:-

The main and primary aim of this whole Rescue Mission was to get the missing kids back. 

The capacitive building of the district-level special police unit was to address the issues of missing children.

It aims to have greater coordination of social welfare department functionaries, child welfare committees, and community organizations at the district level. So as part of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme up and running throughout the country.

One of the major findings for children deciding in shelter homes, on platforms, at bus stands and religious places, and on the roads were part of the missing children.

Support of print and electronic media were also used to share information about missing children.

Police personnel from respective places as well as parents approach the Ghaziabad police for getting the children back.

Under the operation Muskan, a police station under the Telangana police saved 172 children from child labor.

The police station under Telangana police saved 172 children from child labor. Out of the 172 children, 59 boys and 29 girls belong to the state while 44 boys and 40 girls belong to other states as well as countries. 

Child labor case in Telangana in 2020

In June 2020, Telangana police also rescued a 5-year-old girl who was working as domestic help for a physically challenged woman who was also physically abusing her. The police acted on the complaint call and immediately reached the residence of the woman, named Seema.

Result of the Mission:-

Operation Muskan has happened in various phases undertaken by the different state police is forces of our country and as a part of the campaign and the number of missing children who have been rescued is outstanding  and is an achievement made by the various state police department 

During the first phase of operation, Muskan total number of kids rescued was 778, while in the second phase of operation Muskan total number of kids rescued was 660 and during the third phase of Muskan operation, the total number of kids rescued was 484 which in total gives the score of 1922 including the inside state and the outside state kids.

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