New initiative of educating Indians by “ each one teach one”

Education is all about gaining knowledge. Education is a tool that provides people with knowledge, skill, technique, and information. Enables them to know their rights and duties. Which would help to take the family forward as well as the society. New initiative of educating Indians by “ each one teach one” helps reduce Illeteracy rates at a higher pace.

It teaches them to see the world with open eyes. Develops the capability to fight against any injustice from society.

It gives some the power to see around the world. Helps to develop a very wide perspective of looking at various matters. The most important element in the evolution of the nation and its education system is the focus on skill development and human character development.

Importance of education in our life:-

The development comes from education and India being a developing country, education is the pillar of our country.

It removes poverty, it enhances our safety and security against crime. Helps in the prevention of Wars and terrorism. It enhances our Commerce and trade, and it makes our law and order.

Education plays a major role in communication. The relationship between education and communication is apparent with good education helps to communicate better with other people. It helps in improving oneself in various aspects such as body language, speech, etc.

 A person who is educated, wealthy, confident should give speech in public or can hold a meeting with great confidence.

Education in India

India is a big country and its population is around 130 million. Though it is very sad to know that even after 75 years of independence. 30% of the population is completely illiterate so the education level is not that high and there is more illiteracy in villages. Because of which we are unable to improve literacy rate.

As educated citizens of India, it is a social and moral responsibility to provide education to our brothers and sisters, especially who are not so lucky in achieving all the benefits of Higher Education.

Students are the best creators and have more energy levels and also helps in the growth of an economy.

 Today we are in need of each one to teach one, that is, each student should teach at least one person. So In this way, we can help our country to get rid of illiteracy and move forward towards development and stability. 


Each one teaches one is a charitable Foundation which is developed by The organization, and established in 1983.

This organization aims to create various opportunities for underprivileged children across the country.  Over this huge period, but this organization has reached over 10000+ children in urban and rural areas.

Mrs Jyoti Tanna began her career in Chicago Radio and also initiated the moment – Each one teach one.

Initially, this foundation started with 5 children and later expanded with great outcome and energy.  

The organization believes in the complete development of the kids and taking them to pursue higher education so that they can utilize it to make their life better. The education focuses on leveling up their soft and hard skills which can be easily used by them and would end up helping them to get a stable job and a career.

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