Modification of Criminal Procedure Bill

Modification of Criminal Procedure Bill – Crime in areas, societies, cities or even countries is very common and can happen in so many different ways. Apart from physical crimes are the crimes such as property crime, murder, and motor vehicle theft.  There are some major problems associated with organized crimes like – illegal drug trade, corruption, kidnapping, etc. Modification of criminal procedure bill authorizes for taking measurements of convicts and “other person” for investigation in criminal matters. Modification of Criminal Procedure Bill will make a change in society.

Modification of Criminal Procedure Bill

To deal with the various types of crime there are various crime controls and the law enforcement act of 1994. Which is also called the 1994 crime bill, was introduced by the Government of Congress to deal with the crime and law, which became law later. An act to authorize for taking measurements of convicts and other persons for the purposes of identification and investigation in criminal matters and to preserve records and for matters connected therewith and incidental.

 It is the largest crime bill in the history of the US and consists of almost 356 pages which provide 10,0000 new police officers. Modification of Criminal Procedure Bill.

Recently the Government of India has replaced the old bill with a new bill. With the hope to expand the scope of information, the government can collect from convicts and arrested people.

The criminal procedure which is called the identification bill 2022 replaced the 102-year-old of identification of prisoners in 1920. Modification of Criminal Procedure Bill

According to the PSR legislative research, the bill expands the various types of data that are collected from the prisoners. And the data can be collected from home or maybe collected by the authority which authorizes such collection. Data of Bill is in the central Database.

This new bill will allow the police and the prison authority to collect, store and analyze all the types of physical, biological, and chemical samples including DNA testing of Convicted arrested. That was extremely limited to capturing only the finger expressions and the footprint Impressions along with the photographs of the Prisoner.

Modification of the bill

Modification of Criminal Procedure Bill –

  1. It is not only limited to finger Impressions and the foot impression. But we will also involves various biological and chemical evidence. So the police will now even analyze the behavioral as well as signatures to examine and examinations under the section 53 and 53A of CrPC. Which includes blood semen has sample swab and analysis such as DNA profiling. 
  2. We collect evidence from anyone who is doubtful. But the biological samples may be taken possibly only from the person who is arrested for any offense on women or a child. Modification of Criminal Procedure Bill
  3. The bill also states that if the person resists giving information to the police, they can forcibly Manav.
  4. The bill now even allows retaining of the data for 75 years. The national crime record Bureau which falls under the Union Ministry of Home Affairs will now collect, store and process the data and can even share and destroy the data.

Major areas The Bill will Cover

As now people are more afraid that the lock and be misused against any individual and they can be targeted by forcibly collecting their Private data.

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