Caring our birth givers, through Old age care

Old age is the age which has seen all and faced all and knows all. Caring our birth givers, through Old age care is an initiative to give shelters to the aged couple. They do not have a place to live and expelled by their children.

In India, we have seen that people often tend to ignore their old parents and not focus on them or even provide them with the basic necessities.

In various organizations as well as government jobs the age of retirement is considered to be 60. When a person deserves to rest and proper care from the family.

Elderly care serves the needs and requirements of senior citizens after retirement. It involves assisting in living adult Day Care, long-term daycare, and nursing homes for people who are extremely sick. 

The old population in India is large and Day by Day growing due to advancements in Healthcare techniques. 

They often faced with numerous physical, psychological as well as social changes. That challenge their sense of self capacity to live happily. 

In this old phase of life, many people often experience loneliness and fight against depression. The old age either as a result of living alone or Living separately from their family members which eventually reduces the connections and connectivity with their culture as well as children. In India due to a lack of physical exercise as well as yoga older people do not have good health. So require huge medication and proper care. Which in the end results in loneliness or being kicked out of their own homes by their own family members. 

Different ways of taking care of older people 

1. Letting them stay at home and providing them with all the Essentials and love. 

2. In the case of all the people living far, one should always keep a regular check-up. And should often meet them to make sure that they are happy and have all the Essentials with them

3. All the people should also be included socially where they can share their experiences and educate people in various fields.

4. Older people should also learn how to stay up to date on the latest technology will which would help them to stay connected with children who are living in a program.

NGOs In India for older people 

Unfortunately in India 39% of 103.9 million and daily people are either abandoned or are living alone. These NGOs have taken the initiative to give them a place to live and connect with other people which will help them to survive and have a happy.

1. Manavlok 

This is an organization that runs a community kitchen for the elderly people it provides two minutes a day to over 100 senior citizens in 5 villages of Maharashtra it makes sure that no elderly person goes to bed hungry.

2. Abhoy mission

A woman named Bimla, apart from him having 7 daughters and was seeing in spending her last days in begging her old age and seeing asthma did not allow her to work properly, and then her children simply so Dhar the back and did not support her.

This is where Mission Abhoy took place. Mission gives Rupees 50 for medicines and rupees 50 for their personal needs on daily basis to help these older people

3. Asha Kiran

Asha Kiran is an initiative that gives people Clothes, blankets,  mosquito nets as well as groceries. it has people who live under the poverty line or living alone to provide them with the basic necessity on and daily basis 

On monthly basis, it even conducts free medical camps and cultural programs to improve the quality of life and give them peace.

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