EAT RIGHT- the new initiative in India

In India, we all know the importance of food and life. But people who are in poverty do not get a good amount of food and basic nutrition on daily basis. This is where eat right India Movement came into light. An initiative by the government of India for the food safety to transform the countries food system. It ensure that every person in India gets healthy and sustainable food.

Food Safety and Standard Authority of India launched the moment in the year 2018.

With the tagline of “Sahi bhojan Behtar Jivan” 

Highlights of the movement:-

This campaign is a platform that brings all the people, celebrities, people under the poverty line, influencers, Food Industry, Public Health sectors, civil workers as well as servants together to make sure every Indian is healthy.

On one side of the campaign, it is making people aware of eating right and the benefits. While on the other it is promoting food businesses and the industries to refer their products. Providing better nutritional information to make the investment in food items extremely healthy and worth it.

It is a Pan India movement that not only aims to provides consumers the right awareness about eating but tells the nutritional food value on a daily basis.

This initiative has three very important pillars which are:-

Eat right in India, Eat Healthily, Eat safely as well as eat sustainably.

This Initiative is to promote food that is good for the planet. It aims to adopt and judicious mix of regulatory capacitive building and extremely nutritional food to be provided to every person living on roads as well as below the poverty line

Future goals of the movement

It aims  in making India trans-fat-free by this year and to put regulations to reduce Trans-free fat to less than 2% in all types of oils fat as well as food products

The Moto even includes the reduction in India’s oil consumption as per a survey so an average Indian consumes 11 G of salt which is almost double the amount of salt recommended for a human person. The recommendation is 5 grams of salt per day while the data is entirely opposite.  This movement aims to make people aware of the right amount of quantity of food a person much intake to ensure that always healthy and fit.

Initiatives by the movement 

To make sure that every person is safe as well as has nutritional food 

The food they provide always has the key vitamins and minerals such as zinc,  vitamin A,  and c,  Iodine,to staple food such as wise milkweed, etc, and to have the proper amount of salt and sugar to maintain the nutritional value.

The logo of the initiative have circle in it which have colors and each color have unique meaning.

1. Yellow – it represents the serials and pulses, which should be consumed by a person inadequate quantity.

2. Purple – shows that food and drinks with high pattern sugar should be taken in low content.

3. Green – A person should always consume fruit and Vegetables liberally.

4. Brown – it denotes to meet, flesh, and various other nonvegetarian food items which A person should take moderately.

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