Cyberbullying is the new reason for depression and suicide

Bullying is very common among kids especially teenagers as it can mentally a physically torture them.

With the development of various sites, new gadgets, and their reach to kids, every gadget welcomes various ways of bullying.

Technology has a lot of benefits but things do come with a great negative side. As it has given birth to cyberbullying which refers to the misuse of Information Technology with the intention to defame someone or mentally harass them. It is seen in various parts of the country and among the various age groups. It does not always mean hacking someone’s profile or posing to be someone else. But it also includes posting negative comments, entering the private space, or spreading fake rumors just to defame someone. 

Teenage Girl Being Bullied By Text Message

Social media effects

In the current year, the free access to the internet among the kids has made it so easy. Now everyone can get up on the social network. It is now very easy for anyone to misuse this access.

Cyberbullying can also take action in the form of some illegal physical activities and unlawful behavior. Example threatening as well as stalking.

It even includes actions that can manipulate as well as harass people. So the actions are very damaging and can affect anyone easily and heavily.

it can take that place or can come forward in various forms and platforms such as social media public forums or other online information websites.

With the introduction of free messaging apps and the various social apps, the instances of cyberbullying increased at a speed of light. The use of mobile phones has brought cyberbullying to the tip of their fingers and cybercriminals use this technology is to prey on potential victims and to have fun

The worst part about cyberbullying is, it is not always someone who is strange who is always harassing you. Sometimes it comes out to be the person you always knew.

The internet is misused on such an  extreme level that people now even have started to take revenge through cyberbullying.

Prevention of cyberbullying

Cyberbullying can be monitored and put to an end as well and there are various ways to tackle it. 

 Schools or organization has to teach children to never share their personal information with anybody they have just met online,  they should always be careful when they are sharing their home address, phone numbers, or even their pictures.

People nowadays have started posting explicit photos of them  online which are often misused to the same extent  especially when we talk of females.

Lastly but most importantly the misuse of passwords of various account details was very much in the news when the pages of celebrities were hacked and were highly misused to ask for money and work.

Effects of cyberbullying

1. Mental effects.

It can cause depression or stress among youth.

An excessive amount of bullying can even push a child towards taking  a harsh step which can impact the lives of people living around him 

2. Feeling lonely, targeted, and isolated 

Most of the victims of cyberbullying force themselves to stay away from any social media apps and gatherings just to skip themselves from more or excessive harassment they do this just to feel protected from the outer world. most of them do not even reveal anything to do with their parents or family members just to make sure that they do not end up disappointing them and then which results in a change in behavior which shows a great impact on the school and education.

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