Is Gay Marriage Legal In India?

Gay Marriage – The term gay is a part of the LGBT community which involves lesbians is bisexuals and transgender.

The term day is basically used for a homosexual person or somebody who has traits of being homosexual, this term originally was used as a carefree or a cheerful personality and was later given the proper term gay

For the first time, the day arrived in English literature from an old friend where it even had the definition of extremely bright and show its personality and was very commonly used with various meanings in very speeches and literature. Gay Marriage is always a topic of debate in India.

There are various studies done to understand the various pattern of emotional romantic and sexual attraction of men towards men women as well as both success and later found out that men who are attracted to men are termed as gay. Lets read more about Gay Marriage.

A person is identified as Gay without having any intercourse activity with the same gender partners. 

Is Being Gay Natural

gay marriage

Well yes after various researches service and understanding of various psychology it has been revealed that being gay or bisexual or even homosexual is extremely natural it is natural to be attracted to the opposite sex as well as the opposite sex and does not have anything to do with the person psychology or have any medical mean. Gay Marriage is not accepted in most of the societies.

All though it is pretty difficult for a child to figure out whether his Heterosexual or homosexual during his teenage people or often confused with these feelings during their puberty and take time to do discovered their sexuality and their reach the adulthood and have the proper knowledge to address thing

Can Any Feeling Mean That One Is Homosexual? 

Well in this era where everybody is extremely photogenic and is always well dressed often leads to people being attracted to the same gender but this does not mean that they are gay or even bisexual 

People are often attracted to the class teachers towards strangers or friends or their even friend’s sibling. So Gay Marriage thoughts gets started.

An attraction once in a while once in a blue moon does not define that one is being attracted to the same gender all the time

Dealing with daily Harassment 

Well, India as a country is not ready to accept this LGBT community and the love affair between two people. 

People are often judged,  harassed, or are made to feel bad about themselves when they are expressing their feelings, thoughts as well as sexuality in public if a boy is being too sweet or come as well as having some girlish habits, he is often judged and made fun on, and is totally harassed while if a girl is way too Tomboyish and is most likely to be around many females all the time is often misinterpreted. 

Legalization Of Gay Marriage

Well, there was a law against the marriage of same-sex under the section 377 but on 6 September 2018, the supreme court finally issued a verdict which ruled that section 377 is now constitutional on the fundamental rights of a human being autonomy intimacy, and identity and thus ended up un legalizing homosexuality in India. Legalization is must for Gay Marriage.

During the intersection in Supreme Court

Justice Indu Malhotra said that “our  history on the apology to many people and their respective families

She even mentioned that Homosexuality is a part of human sexuality and everybody has the right and dignity to express this sexuality and the be free from discrimination”.

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