Audi vs BMW

Audi vs BMW – We are very much aware of the need For cars to is in our transportation services and travel comfortably and safely but after the range of affordable as well as feasible cars there is the range of extremely as well as expensive cars they are called the luxury cars are the vehicles occupied with better performances and the lavish interiors with the latest technology and safety features. We will discuss more about differences between Audi vs BMW.

This category includes cars like Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and many more.

People are obsessed with expensive cars because it enhances their lifestyle and helps them to form a social status in India people are more into BMW and Audi because they are pretty expensive and the attractive Lets compare Audi vs BMW.

Audi AG?

Audi A3 is a subsidiary type of automotive industry which was founded on 16th July 1909 and was then re-established on 3rd September 1949 and in the year 1969 on 10th March it fused in Neckarsulm. Audi vs BMW are always a brand to discuss.

The headquarters of this industry is in Germany with a total number of 13 production facilities in 10 different countries it is available worldwide and is considered under the luxury vehicles with annual revenue of 55.680 billion pounds per year. Audi vs BMW are most popular brand in India.

The parent company of this industry is Volkswagen group with the various divisions such as

Audi Germany

Audi India

Audi Russia

Audi Spain

Audi Mexico

Audi China and many more 

The logo of this company is the four rings which define the merger of the four companies under these four rings 

1. Jorgen Rasmussen 

2.  Rickenbacker 

3. Horch

4. Chemnitz 


( bayerische  motoren  were AG) 

This is a public company which trades as BMW DX component is an automatic industry it was founded in this on 7th March 1960 and the founder was

1  Camilo Castiglioni 

2. Franz Josef Popp 

3. Karl Rapp 

BMW has its brands in Munich and serves worldwide except in Russia

The products include motorcycles and cars and the various brands and the BMW are 









The logo of this brand is a circular blue and a white circle that features a black ring and beard the company name and round the logo. Both have the world famous logos Audi vs BMW.

The latest logo of BMW was published in the year 2020 and the origin of the logo was the classic portrayal of the movement of the aircraft Propeller.

Audi vs BMW 

Audi vs BMW

If you compare both the cars and Audi is a winner Audi has a rich heritage in the terms of Motor Sports.

It is an all-wheel-drive system while BMW is nothing without its racing past.

Audi features S as well as RS Which are the versions of A3, A5, A4, A7, in BMW  to those features of S and RS versions SUVs. 

In terms of interior again Audi is a winner as it has a more refined and integrated cutting Technology

The interior of an Audi car is very more than and feels cold and chemical at the same time while BMW SUV has some logos scores as well as reviews comparing the both

Audi is performing super that even in the terms of prices he it so when the most affordable car among both Audi and BMW is the Audi A3

It is offering a3s Complex arrival with starts at 

35300 $.

While the lowest price of BMW starting is 56533$.

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