India and me too!

India is a country where the culture itself even includes various range of issues. Over the past few centuries, India has been known for its fusion between various religions which involves a harmonic Civilization between Hindu Muslims 6 gents, and other tribal populations. India and me too!

 India is a country where people lived together eat together and celebrate all the festivals together India is a country where women are prayed In the Hindu culture,  various gods and goddesses are prayed to in almost every city and corner of our country.

Women are respected, loved, and taken care of in the form of goddesses. There are various festivals like Durga puja where small girls are prayed and loved in the name of Ma Durga.

This is just one side of the treatment that women receive in India. The other side tells Completely different stories.

 In general Indian society, women face various discrimination against another awesome excluded from various political and fame. The Population of women in this country we still don’t have enough rights and voices for our women. India and me too! India always gets these kind of moments.

 From the time they are born to the young ladies. They are wearing their victims of various discrimination from body shaming to even sexual shaming, women face it all.

No matter where women are, whether they are at school, at colleges, or even at work they face some degree of harassment on daily basis.

Me too!

It was a movement that started from social media and extended to roads. It was a complete social movement against the sexual harassment toward our ladies in various places especially work-related.

On social media, women used #metoo to come forward and tell people about the ways they have been harassed in their life and shed light on the predators. Also the first #metoo started in 2006 on social media. To raise voices and awareness of various rapes and other things against women in different societies. 

This movement grew so fast and became so huge that the total number of #metoo has reached a total count of 32 million tweets and thousands of web pages. Also this number is enough to analyze the gravity of the whole situation. It was a phase that woman was given power to finally stand against something. In India, big stars from the industry even stood and raise their voices against various violence done against them in return for the promotion of the basic intention of harassment.

it was shocking to see even the small girls coming up and using their social media platform to raise and tell people about their sufferings because they were unable to reach out to their own parents and feel safe.

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