Various Decorative Ideas for Hostel Rooms

Various Decorative ideas for hostel rooms – College days are something which one remembers till the end of their life. A life full of fun, drama,  food, freedom, and no stress. Something everyone craves is A life that people wish to live and miss once it ends.

A hostel room is a living area that is provided by the college itself for the students pursuing when their degrees to live as well as study inside the campus or nearby the campus. College students tend to decorate the hostel rooms till the time they live to ensure they have a good ambiance and enjoy their say.

Hostels are usually 3 to 4 or even higher story buildings that provide accommodation to students studying. No matter whether it’s a girl or a boy, students decorate their room according to their preferences. Students do all this to get a homely vibe and get comfortable with their new way of life.

In this article we read more about various decorative ideas for hostel rooms.

Various Decorative Ideas 

Few steps various decorative ideas for hostel rooms :-

1. Walls with polka dots.

Polka dots basically refers to black dots on white background

All these dogs can be extremely colorful and are used as wallpapers auto even decorate the insides of the almirah or even the table

polka dot paper can be easily made or even bought from a normal session you should store which can be pasted on the wall to make the wall look prettier and beautiful. 

It is even used to hide the dirty side of the wall. Some various decorative ideas for hostel rooms.

Lots of students even make various patterns with these polka dots and bring out their creativity. 

Various Decorative ideas for hostel rooms

2. Using photos. 

A lot of students even pictures from their lifetime and paste them on the walls to decorate it students often Paste photos of the family members close friends or even those were quotations and idols which motivate them on a daily basis. 

Various funny and serious quotations are very trendy and popular among college students.  

They get them printed and use them on their walls. Know various decorative ideas for hostel rooms.

Various Decorative ideas for hostel rooms

3. Using tape frames 

Creative students even use various tips and make certain patterns out of them to decorate the walls they make various patterns even including constellations from the sky to decorate their walls many creative students even uses neon-colored or night fluorescent tapes to enhance their wall. various decorative ideas for hostel rooms.

Various Decorative ideas for hostel rooms

4. Do it yourself items

This is one of the most creative and affordable ways to decorate rooms students often use videos very lights as well as various homemade decorated to decorate their rooms

Most of the do you yourself decorative items include various photo frames, various prints of herbs, making various creative things out of wood, using old cardboard and steel, and coloring them to decorate them.

Few students even DIY various plants and put them on the balconies. 

It is seen that students even have their own coffee mugs and even have painted shelves and curtains. 

They Overbuild their own slide crates. 

5. A crazy welcoming door 

Students are even seen Doing graffiti on the wall and door to make their rooms look cool and vibe.  

They often paint them or draw various patterns or even write a certain slogan which is a glimpse of their personalities. 

Students even bring various colorful Lights and use curtains to decorate their walls. They use light timers and keep their room clean and often use very beautiful carpets. Know various decorative ideas for hostel rooms.

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