Indian cricket history

Cricket is one of the most popular sports so far. It is very common in every city and every state in the country. Board of Control for Cricket in India controls cricket in India. Indian cricket history has achievements like it created a proud moment for us in 1983 by winning the World Cup.

Cricket calls the domestic as our international tournament and selects members for the Indian national cricket team.

According to various series, cricket was played for the first time ever as an adult was in the year

 1611 is the same year in which the dictionary finds cricket as the only boys’ game. Later on, cricket was introduced in the middle of the 17 century.

Later on by the half-century, It became a leading sport in various countries. Specifically in London and the southern-eastern countries of England.

As these years passed by, the various regulations and rules of the cricket world were found in 1744 before class cricket was written and was amended. In 1744 there were many innovations came out like 3 stumps, LBW, and, the middle stumps.

Cricket in India

It was the British who introduced cricket in India in the early 1700s. The first-ever cricket match played in 1721. The First Cricket club started by Indians.

Later the sport expanded in various countries and Europeans invited the Parsis to play a match in 1877. 

Father of Indian cricket is Ranjitsingh Vibhaji II.

The first match in the year 1721, played when a group of sailors gathered to play in western 

Indian, and within the next three centuries it became the most popular sport and even celebrities started to play and invest in various matches.

The first Indian cricket player was Amarnath who was born on 11 September 1936.

We all are very well aware of the love for cricket. Among Indians, every match is the match by millions of audiences who even consider the players as their idols.

Trophies of cricket matches

  1. Ranji trophy– the first Ranji Trophy took place in the year 1934 and 35 Syed Mohammad Hadi of Hyderabad was the first batsman to ever receive this trophy. 
  2. Duleep trophy – this trophy is named after Duleepsinghji.
  3. Vijay Hazare trophy –  this trophy was named after a very famous Indian cricketer, Vijay Hazare.

42 rules of cricket

It is law 42, which is for fair and unfair play. It states that fair and unfair play is the responsibility of captains and umpires. The match ball can change the condition of the game. Time wasting by any player on the field is unfair. It is even unfair for a batsman to wait for its time that’s under normal circumstances this Strikers should always be ready to take the strike when the bowler is ready to start his run-up.

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