Birth of Alexa

Amazon Alexa which is also known as Alexa is a virtual assistant Technology bought by Amazon in 2013. It is a device that is capable of a multitude of tasks from simple voice commands. Alexa can even set reminders, and alarms, can play music, ask questions, talk to a person, and search the internet. It also controls all the smart devices present in the home. Now-a-days from common people to big celebrities everyone use Alexa.

The birth of Alexa is a new invention for today’s world.

Amazon is one of the biggest industries in the world. The idea of Alexa is completely artificial intelligence-based to make the lives of humans easier. Also, Alexa allows to talk as it uses cloud based technology.

Also, it can check and give you updates and help you with just your voice command.

Uses of Alexa

  1. Gives the daily news and weather reports
  2. Can recite poems, sing songs, and can even read your favorite books 
  3. Help in setting up a daily basic routine 
  4. Control over every other home gadget including your smart light smart TV smart fridge and even smart doors.

Alexa is something that makes one’s life extremely easier and is pretty addictive. Nina Rolle provided the voice of Alexa. The birth of Alexa is an extremely helpful way of controlling gadgets.

Technology behind Alexa

The technology used behind the processing as well as the function of Alexa is natural language processing (NLP). 

This language understand and process human language and also convert it into the structure data. The goal of signal processing is to enhance every input signal in Alexa by eliminating the background noises which can focus the natural language processing on analyzing modifying and synthesizing signals.

Apart from having natural language Processing, it even has natural language understanding. This means that it can convert the text into meaningful representation for example “play remind me”. It is very different from “reminding me to play” that is easy to understand by Alexa through recognition, and understanding of words.

Differences between Alexa and Echo, Google Assistant, and Siri

All of these devices work somewhere hand in hand. Echo is something that can only control the egg was not speakers screens and the variables while Alexa can control and the entire Smart home. So It is easily available in the market and it’s super convenient to use daily.

Can Alexa spy or record privately?

The patent applications from Amazon and Google have revealed that their Alexa and voice assistant

 powered smartphones and speakers have the potential to spy on you they can easily listen to any private

 conversation and record it. These gadgets stores everything from confidential conversations to your toilet flushing habits silently. Without anyone having a clue. So we should not be fully dependent on these.

These findings of Alexa and various other gadgets were published in a report quoted by Santa Monica a California-based adverse group for consumer watchdog.

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