Athletes and Steroids

An athlete is a person who commits to one or more sports nationally or internationally. Which involves great physical strength speed as well as outstanding performance. Athletes can be in any sports like Racing, golf, boxing, swimming, etc. Athletes and Steroids are not a good combination because these are also harmful.

An athlete undergoes very intense training to improve his or her performance and to give a result.

The athlete formally registered in a local, regional, national, or an international sports event. Where he or she participates with other participants for a trophy.

There are many options for an athlete like they gets to travel around the World, see beautiful cities, and meet incredible players. Also Athletes gets rewards on the basis of his performance that is his dedication, work and sacrifices.

An athlete requires a proper meal and the various essential nutrients to give the required performance that a typical lunch consists of Broccoli, Brown Bread, Avocado, Onion, Tomato, Steak Boiled Potatoes Green salad and healthy juices. Because of this diet they are able to perform consistently.

What are steroids

If we go by the definition steroids are the biological active organic compounds with the hexagon chains structure that basically function to boost up an athlete’s performance the asteroid is a man-made version of a chemical that acts like a hormone in our body these steroids reduce inflammation.

Corticosteroids are very common among bodybuilders and athletes. Also Inflammation is a body’s natural reaction to an infection or bacteria. Immune system produces white blood cells which fight against any infection or bacteria which can cause swelling, redness, or the production of heat in a particular area. So one must avoid Steroids.

The various ways a person can take steroids are:-

1. By injection, one can inject into the muscle the blood or even the spinal area 

2. It is even available in the form of eye drops 

3. Applied directly on cream or gel.

4. The most common way of taking a steroid is by eating. Oral steroids are of various like in Tablets, liquids or dissolvable tablets.

Why athletes use steroids

For an athlete winning is everything so to give their best performance in any competition most athletes often use steroids to boost their performance and win the competition. So Steroids are controlling substances that people use in high doses for athletic performances with the help of anabolic reaction.

Steroids are not as same as the stored medication. They are used to treat asthma and inflammation on the skin and other parts of the body. The number of athletes who abuse anabolic steroids is still unknown. But it is said that many athletic associations ban their use including the National Football League baseball and in the Olympics where few at least have so far admitted using these drugs and have finally been debarred from any participation.

Side effects of steroids

The steroid has various Side Effects which are extremely harmful to our body.

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