Importance of time management in life

In today’s busy and hectic world, time management is very important. Whether it is a student parent or even a working official. Time management is a process of organizing and having plans to divide your time between various important personal activities. It is an essential skill in today’s world where one can learn how to be smart and productive. Time management is not only about how you spend your time, even counts “on what ” you spend your time on. It makes it easier for one to identify the most important task and manage their daily schedule in that way. Importance of time management in life is very useful for maintaining the daily routine.

Poor time management can cause 

  1. low quality work
  2. lack of sleep
  3. anxiety
  4. increase in stress level.
  5. can cause various mental diseases as well.

We should do our work smartly not hardly. Also to save your time for personal affairs as well. But Time management has 4 D’s which are do differ delegate and delete. The various days of time management teach a human to divide their work on the basis of priority. 

Do- It refers to the task which can be done quickly. It refers to a series of various smaller tasks which together can make a complete whole project. 

Defer- It refers to a temporary pause that attached needs to be handled in the right way. Because it is a process in which you scheduled your important task for the right and appropriate availability 

Delegate – it refers to a situation when you can rec assign a task to someone else

Delete- It refers to a process in which one can remove all the unessential and unnecessary tasks from the scheduled.

Usually, a task is divided into four categories 

1.  Important and urgent 

2. Important but not so urgent

3. Not important but urgent 

4. Not important and not urgent 

Time management is very important because it helps to privatize and to ensure that a person has enough time for his personal life. And complete every given target. Also It even increases the quality of work and makes a person fast approach the deadline.

Importance of time management

Better time management gives less stress.

It also helps in a completing every task in the given time which gives enough time that can be spent with the family and even reduces this stress and anxiety.

It helps in having a better work-life balance which is very important to have productive work and also to have more time to spend with the important relationships. In this way, a person never feels tired or burnt out and is always motivated to achieve their goal.

Effective time management helps in increasing your focus and definitely helps in improving your productivity. better time management even allows you to have your focus on other things in order to achieve bigger opportunities.

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