The evolution of corsets is the evolution of the waist

A corset is a garment that is commonly used to support and hold the body into a Desire shape it is basically formed to make the waist look smaller and the bottom look larger. Initially, corsets were considered to be an undergarment but lately, it has been used as an outer garment as a fashion statement. Evolution of corsets is the evolution of the waist and evolving as a new fashion trend. So becoming popular at that time even today.

The word cause is right from an old French word called Corpus which means body in Latin. The French word corset was first used in the late 14th century which meant “a  kind of laced body” which causes women to get into the desired shape and look beautiful. The corsets were high-waisted and were even meant to be worn with full skirts.

These corsets are made of very harmful materials such as : 

1. Whalebone. 

2. Horns 

3. Buckram  etc 

Effects of corsets on the body 

Being extremely laced up and tight corsets can cause breathing issues. The compressor abdominal organs can cause digestion as well as muscle cramps in the body. Due to the continuous wearing, it can result in muscle atrophy all over back pain which can affect the excessive tackling of the backbone and weaken our muscles. 

Corsets Controversy 

In the 1800s,  women who wore corsets on a daily basis started facing various problems and health issues. One another big reason for corsets always being a reason for the controversy is the way they make the women’s bodies look and names perfect.

People tend to ignore the various health-related effects in order to fit into public demand. They are even known to be extremely feminist as they present a hypocritical figure of a “ perfect woman”. Women complained of having damage to internal organs, ribs were deformed and having issues with their fertility. 

Although it is said that corsets do not cause harm when worn properly but they can cause major health issues in the long run. It is very uneasy to wear on a daily basis, during summer days and can hinder the digestion process.

Apart from this,  corsets even represent a very toxic culture which is called “patriarchal oppression”, which orders women to wear what men like and always look ready and perfect for them.  It simply represents the dominant and submissive society and the difference in power between men and women.

Corsets A fashion trend in the 20s

These days anything can become fashionable just at one’s fingertips. The current trends have brought back these unhealthy and very uncomfortable corsets.

Women these days are wearing them by following various fashion trends. These days it is often seen in pairing corsets along with a white formal shirt and boots which gives a trendy look but let’s not forget the side effects as well.

It can contract one’s waist up to 9 inches which are very dangerous to one’s body. From Bella to Liz, lady gaga to even Normani were seen wearing one of the most controversial items ( corset )in various fashion events.

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