Fairness creams and the manipulation technique

India is a country that we can say is slightly obsessed with fair skin tone. In India, people are found with all the skin shades, from brown to very light white skin tones on the basis of geography. Indians from the north region are very fair-skinned and from the south are brown-skinned. Fairness creams and the manipulation technique is used by many companies.

The love among Indians for fair and clear skin started when the various rulers invaded India in the early 1400s. The fascination of people living in India is increasing day by day. Also is never-ending, which is giving birth to various fair skin tone industries.

These ads are playing a major role in using emotional content and racism. While India is a country with very high standards of features and natural beauty. In this country, skin tone is so much in demand. But the knowledge, occupation, and Living standard is often ignored just or are overshadowed.

We see the demand for fair skin among women is increasing. And also their obsession is in various Bollywood movies like –

” gore gore mukhde pe”

” gore gore rang pe”

And many more.

Bollywood’s point of view

Bollywood even doesn’t consider dark skin females for dark skin roles, rather they use colors to darken the actress and use them. Also things have reached such an extent that Bollywood has even started to import fair dancers from various western countries who are blonde and have green and gray eyes. The worst part of this is the influence all this makes on the Indian generation and the need to have fair skin females.

We must have clear thought for certain skin types and give respect regardless of their culture and religion. Although we know that skin color doesn’t really make any difference and has the least impact on human life. We can even see the difference in job opportunities people of diff skin tones often get, as jobs and professions like modeling, acting and fashion are very much open to fairer skin people. Fairness creams and the manipulation technique used by companies is a way to overcome the defects of their products.

Brands with fairer skin tone 

Brands simply find a way to attack and position themselves for their sales by using and manipulating their emotions as in, how their product can enhance their life and opportunities simply by using their products. 

Various products like ” fair and lovely “, “Esker”,”glint”,”le bonheur “,”white skin radiance”, etc are advertisements that put out dark skin tone in a negative way and put out unethical intentions towards people.

Effects of fairness creams.

1. prone to acne – the chemicals in it are very toxic and can leave dark spots on one’s skin if used on a daily basis.

2. effects on the immunity of the skin- it has the potential to destroy the cells which work on the growth  

3. they claim to whiten the skin which is a lie

4. loss of original skin color

5. can cause various rasher

6. use of wrong color-correcting creams on the skin can cause frequent itching and can make it dry.

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