What Exactly is WeChat & what would it accomplish for you?

What Exactly is WeChat – Tencent first released Wechat as an online chatting software in January 2011. As per the 2019 yearly WeChat survey, the number of monthly registered customers had surpassed 1.1 billion by September 2019, despite China’s population being about 1.4 billion. Sms messages, grab voicemail, broadcasting sending messages, teleconferencing, electronic games, video streaming, and location tracking are all available on WeChat. What Exactly is WeChat?

WeChat too is famous in Mongolia and Hong Kong, and it has a strong presence in Chinese-speaking regions worldwide.

What is the purpose of WeChat?

What Exactly is WeChat

Message sending:

WeChat’s core role as an immediate messaging service is to enable individuals to engage with the text, emoticons, and photos in personal interactions. What Exactly is WeChat? Users could make voice and vision conversations as well. Individuals may also create WeChat groups of up to 500 individuals and have team WeChat talks of 9 persons.

People can utilize WeChat to meet anyone if they are lonely. What Exactly is WeChat? To create additional acquaintances and contact different connections, tap “People Nearby” or wave your device. Customers of the WeChat chat app may also broadcast their position with their friends, give vouchers and fortunate cash gifts to one another, and exchange information with those nearby through Bluetooth.


Moments resembles a social media site like Instagram or Facebook. For their WeChat connections, you may exchange photographs, 15-second movies, songs, or site connections. It is commonly used to create significant releases and to display one’s everyday life. What Exactly is WeChat? Their connections can love or remark on their experiences. WeChat’s community stream, Moments, enables people to share events from their life with their peers. What Exactly is WeChat?

Official figures:

To deliver content and messaging to its subscribers, any government agency, company, or club can create a WeChat Official Profile. What Exactly is WeChat? There are much greater than 10 million WeChat Public Identities, per the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology’s WeChat Economics and Social Change Survey 2017.


WeChat and JD, a Chinese internet retailer, inked a partnership agreement in 2014, allowing customers to buy on JD while quitting WeChat. In a 2018 discussion, JD founder Richard Liu Qiangdong stated that WeChat accounts for a quarter of JD’s potential clients. What Exactly is WeChat?


Customers may transfer cash to their connections straight using the app.WeChat Pay, the network’s financial processor, has more than 250 million members who’ve already connected their savings accounts.

Quick Pay, in-app web-based transactions, QR code transactions, and native in-app transactions are all available with WePay.


Mini Programmes are third-party applications that have been integrated into the WeChat platform. An ‘app inside an app,’ as it’s known. Members of WeChat could download these applications to obtain exposure to additional services. A ride-hailing app comparable to Uber is among the best famous.

WeChat retains management well over the customer lifecycle and guides transactions via WeChat Pay by maintaining these applications within the network.

WeChat for Business:

Tencent created Enterprise WeChat in 2016 to assist people to divide their personal and professional life. It, like Slack, enables consumers to manage and increase the speed of business conversations.

Clients may follow up with business discussions, manage yearly vacation days, report spending, and perhaps even seek time off using Enterprise WeChat.

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