How to reset your Facebook password?

Many Users of Facebook want to keep their desktops and mobile devices hooked in so that they can reach the social networking site quickly. When you’re mistakenly signed out, though, you can forget your password. You won’t be able to recover your password since Facebook doesn’t have access to it, but you can change it. How to reset your Facebook password? Here are the steps to follow.

1) When you’re using a device that has recently signed into your Facebook account, Facebook may be able to help you out by displaying Recently Logins. Select your account profile if you see it to instantly log in to your profile.

2) Navigate to the Facebook Find Your Account page when you’re on a new device and if Facebook doesn’t recognize your previous login.

3) Enter your username, email address, phone number, or complete name. Then choose Search.

4) If Facebook discovers a match for an email address or phone number you supplied, choose how you wish to get your new password code and then click Continue.

5) Facebook displays you matched search results if you typed a name into the search bar. If you see your profile photo, pick This Is My Account; otherwise, select I Am Not in This List.

6) Choose how you wish to receive the password reset code if you selected your account, and then click Continue.

7) Facebook won’t be able to authenticate your identity if you find your account but don’t have access to the phone number and email address you provided.

8) Insert the security code you got and choose to Continue if you found your account and selected a method for obtaining your reset code.

9) Select Continue after entering a new password. Your password has been effectively changed.

10) If someone else has access to your previous password, Facebook will display a notice recommending you to log out of other devices. Select Continue after selecting Log out of other devices or Stay logged in.

11) You’ve re-entered your account and are ready to share and like.

As from Facebook App, Reset Your Password

Here’s how to get your Facebook account back whether you’re using an iOS or Android smartphone.

1) Tap Forgot Password on the Facebook login page.

2) Please provide a phone number, email address, name, or username.

3) Dependent on your preferences, press Confirm through Email or Confirm via Text, and then touch Continue.

4) Enter the code for resetting your password.

5) Select Continue with Keep me logged in or Log me out of other devices.

6) Tap Continue after entering a new password. You’ve returned to your Facebook profile.

How would you receive a Facebook login code?

Users can acquire a code through SMS on their phone, using a third-party authenticator software like Google Authenticator, or by pressing your security key on a compatible device if you set up two-factor authentication on Facebook.

Without a password, how do you access Facebook?

You have the option of saving your login information on the browsers and devices of your choice. 

  • Select Menu 
  • Settings & Privacy 
  • Settings 
  • Security & Login from the drop-down menu.
  •  Next to Save Your Login Info, choose Edit.

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