OTT Platforms and The Role of Pandemic in Its Growth

OTT Platforms and the role of the pandemic in its growth – The pandemic and the entertainment industry simply went hand in hand and ended up earning a huge amount of money during the complete lockdown of 2020-2021. People these days prefer their mobile phones and tv for every news, show, and music. OTT-(over-the-top) platform has a  value of 1.2 billion dollars in the year 2020 and is expected to cross 3.07 billion by the year 2025.  It is a form of digital service which provides a very high-speed internet connection instead of a simple cable-based platform.

OTT platform is available with various music, video, and audio streaming categories. It has increased adoption and attributes it to be an extremely narrow genre of choices packing facilities and the internet penetration at a very lower cost. The growth of mobile-based users in India and across the world as an option of various 42 and 5G networks has led to the growth of this industry and how covid-19 pandemic has given a positive impact on this would be performed with audience consumption more than the traditional Tv.

The OTT platform industry is the cause of the closure of various policies and movie theaters in the year 2020 which turned out to be the first OTT platform in the manner in which people will not only consume media but will have access to series or shows without any disturbance and can access to it from anywhere and anytime.

Change of the content

The features of OTT platforms is such that it is available on various smartphones as well as various smart TV in multiple languages covering the languages from Hindi to Spanish, Japanese to English. It appears that the reason for such a huge growth in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities is a population speaking multiple languages. It is assumed that the OTT platform is expected to cross 50% of the total time people spend watching TV. Now lets read more about OTT Platforms and the role of the pandemic in its growth

In the last few recent releases, it has been seen the amount of love the various actors and actresses receive from it. The content quality and the categories shown there are highly valued and appreciated as it covers the stories from people living in big apartments in big cities to people living in huts in Naxal areas. The genre being shared on the OTT platform is something that can’t be ever shared on TV or in the movie theater which is the basic reason for its success.

This industry even spends a lot of time understanding the consumer’s demand and taste as well as analyzing the basic concerns around them. Various stories whether hypothetical or real-life-based are then shown on the screen which captures a huge share of the viewers and audiences.

Various series and movies such as:

  • Gunjan Saxena
  • Dil Bechara
  • Big bull
  • Big scam 1998

Received lots of love and appreciation.

Growth of various OTT platforms during covid 19

In India, there are more than 30 OTT platforms available for consumers, which provide a wide range of shows and series. Even the producers from the main streamlined movie businesses are now expanding their work since they saw the love and attention the OTT platform is getting as it is very easy to access and pocket-friendly. OTT Platforms and the role of the pandemic in its growth varies.

OTT Platforms and the role of the pandemic in its growth

OTT platforms such as:

  • HULU

MX PLAYER  and many more are very popular in India and are widely used. Few of these platforms are even free of cost and can be accessed through a subscription. They have various levels of services available depending on the budget which is something liked by the audience, for example, Its access, the screen numbers, to the quality got the major share of the market While these cant be controlled over a basic TV. OTT Platforms and the role of the pandemic in its growth.

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