Urfi Javed’s Top 5 Revealing Dresses

Urfi Javed, formerly known as Urfi Javed, is a famous Indian television actress and model. She joined Big Boss OTT Season 1 in 2021. Javed is known for her quirky sense of style. She posts regularly on her Instagram account, where photos of her are beautiful, glamorous, and uniquely dressed, each with a great pose.

Urfi Javed's Top 5 Revealing Dresses
Urfi Javed’s Top 5 Revealing Dresses

One of the most astonishing things about this star is that, despite being in the news for her unique fashion sense, she has maintained it without regard for society and has used her posts to ping her critics again and again. 

This influencer has 4 million followers on Instagram, which reflects her popularity itself. 

Private Life 

Urfi Javed was born on October 15, 1997, in the Indian state of Uttar Sher Lucknow. She shared on her Instagram account that she added an extra letter to her name; Urfi is now 25 years old as of 2022. Her zodiac sign is Libra. She has Indian ancestry and is of brown descent.  urfi grew up in a wealthy, middle-class Muslim family but never practiced Islam in his life.

Javed appeared on Sony TV’s Bade Bhaiyya Ki Dulhania as Avni Pant. From 2016 to 2017, she played Chaya in Star Plus’ Chandra Nandini. After that, she played Aarti in Star Plus’s Meri Durga. Urfi Javed is an Indian model and actress best known for her work in Hindi television series.

Ever since she joined Bigg Boss OTT as a contestant, she has been in the spotlight all the time. Urfi is a television actress known for her unique sense of fashion. Whether she wears a dress made of razor blades or is wrapped in electrical cords,  Urfi surprises her every time she leaves her house. These stars are constantly arguing over their style ideas and looks.


Actresses make most of their money from acting, modeling, and advertising. Product endorsements are heavily paid for by the Urfi Javed Fee. TV actress Urfi Javed is no stranger to headlining the news, dominating social media, and surprising fans with her fashion choices.

The actress’s love of quirky costumes is well-known, and she gets all the attention whenever she wears one. Urfi is frequently trolled on social media, but her Big Boss OTT fame is consistent. It is also important to note that, from her cutout black dress to her cutout hoodie, check out these five of her Urfi Javed outfits that set the trend this season.

Urfi Stabbed a Braided Cover

Urfi Javed posted an outfit on Instagram in which she dresses up a dustbin polythene bag, with the caption “I can wear this on the red carpet,” which was inspired by Komal Panday.

RJ Anmol also responded on the reel as unexpected wear, which Sakshidwedi mentioned is better than any dress she likes.

Braid covering another reel, Urfi is found covering her body with braid only, with no chest covering, and the caption “I like what I see,” which is given as a love emoji by Sakshidwedi and Naaz Joshi and also similarly criticized by various people and her fans as well.

Urfi Javed’s Black Cutout Dress:

Urfi was recently spotted wearing a cut-out black dress, surprising everyone. Wolfie looked the hottest in this outfit, but fans called it “weird and bizarre.” It was also claimed that the outfit was a copy of Kendall Jenner’s current outfit. However, Urfi broke her silence and said she looked hotter than Kendall in this dress.

Urfi Javeds Open Front Cutout Neckline Hoodie:

Recently, Urfi took to her social media to share a video of her wearing a pink hoodie with an open front. She looks stunning and has been spotted flaunting her outfit on the catwalk. “I’m in love with this sequined open hoodie!” Urfi wrote while sharing the video.

Urfi Javed’s Black Top with a Twist

This is another of Urfi’s stunning looks that are setting social media on fire. In these images, Urfi can be seen posing on a barely visible asphalt pavement.

Urfi Javed’s Bizarre Crop Top

Crop tops are common, but there must be something interesting for Urfi to wear them. These photos show Urfi in a cropped denim top or jacket, glimpsing a bright pastel bra. However, her looks were not appreciated by netizens, who called her “disgusting.” I did.

Urfi Javed’s Animal Print Bralette:

Urfi Javed is wearing a super hot animal print bralette and matching printed skirt in these photos. The actress complemented her outfit with large earrings.

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