Tobacco ban in India, Is it really possible?

The English word Tobacco specially originated from The Spanish word “tobacco” which is derived from “Taino”, where Tiano refers to a rolled tobacco of leaves. The tobacco plant belongs to the genus Nicotiana of the family Solanaceae. Tobacco ban in India Is it really possible?

This plant has more than 70 species of tobacco but one of the chief commercial and the highest-selling plant is “N.Tabacum”.

In this tobacco leaves are dried and mainly used for smoking in the forms of cigarettes and cigars. Also it is very popular among the male generation in India as it contains an addictive stimulant alkaloid nicotine.

Many native American populations used to grow tobacco in the most traditional ways. So they used carrot tobacco in pouches that are ready to use. 

Types of tobacco

1. Dokha – grown in Iran and used by mixing with the leaves of tobacco. 

2.  Cavendish –  a process of complete curing and cutting, which gives a sweet taste to the tobacco. 

3. Perique – Developed in 1824 through the process of pressure-fermentation by farmers. It is a pipe of tobacco and is too strong when smoked pure. 

Effects of tobacco on health

Smoking causes Cancer it can even cause various heart diseases, lungs, and lung diseases. Excessive smoking increases the risk to the closes, certain eye problems as well as huge problems to our immune system. Smoking at any age is very dangerous and the disease caused by it can cause a permanent injury to the body. Tobacco ban in India Is it really possible?

It can lead to

1. Mouth cancer

2. Throat cancer

3. Liver cancer

4. Colon cancer and many more

People who smoke way too much tobacco or even any other drug lead to the destruction of air sacs of the lungs and also cause chronic bronchitis. 

Various long term causes of smoking on the human body are :

1. Can damage various brain cells

2. Makes our teeth yellow, lips brown

3. Can lead to permanent hearing loss

4. Can cause eye cataracts, as well as muscular to generation 

In India tobacco is sold everywhere, also India being the second-largest producer and exporter of tobacco right after China and Brazil respectively, Kolkata becomes the city with the highest number of smokers

As per a report, it is said that an average person in Kolkata smokes from 9 to 10 cigarettes a day. Also government should ban tobacco in most part of the country.

Ban of tobacco 

Being smoking band completely in a public area. Still, the government has not taken some very important and drastic pen steps in the manufacture of cigarettes. 

Also The reason is the number of people involved in the cultivation and business culture of tobacco. It also affects the livelihood of many.

The government of India has made several laws in order to control the smoking habits of citizens in certain areas, for example, smoking is completely banned and is a permissible open in public and workplaces such as Health Care Education and government facilities.

The law of government which is made in order to prevent people from smoking. Also sometimes permits some specific smoking areas. The specific people, any hotel having more than 32 rooms, for restaurants having a sitting area. Also the law bans the sale of tobacco via various vending machines within the 100 yards of any educational institution or Healthcare sector.

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