How much does an appearance matter?

The world is surviving on the “Halo effect” which shed light on how important appearance is. People easily attracted to good-looking and well-appearing things in the world. Appearance is as how someone looks. It is the way in which a person presents himself or herself in the public eye. It is the state, the manner and the style someone or something is looking.

Appearance is the first impression. It is the basic criteria of judgment in India and other countries. Also, appearance involves someone’s physical visibility which involves height, color, weight, manner of clothing, beard, and even hairstyle.

On the basis of these factors, people are divided into good physical appearance and bad physical appearance. Although appearance has no role in defining someone’s character, nature, and personality.

Importance of physical appearance

Physical appearance is the fastest way of judging someone and getting to know someone. It shows one’s personality and confidence regardless of potential and capabilities. A well-dressed and confident person gets the opportunity to do several other things in society.

While on the other hand it even causes various forms of discrimination whether it’s an office, the dating zone, or the general court. Preferred over less good-looking, which is pretty disheartening to know.

Discrimination is not just for people but also involves animals and even products.

But also involves animals and even products. Good-looking products are more preferred than items with less attractive packaging irrespective of its.

Things people do to improve their appearance

Industry whether it’s a general skincare line or basic daily use products uses one’s physical insecurities to manipulate and capture the major market share easily. They often use various demeaning and insulting tag lines to sell their products. Skincare brands are often seen with racist taglines and songs based on one physical appearance.

Just to sell the brand line and make a profit.

Even the daily usable brands are not behind, they often categorize and position a product as high class or low class on the basis of its packaging for sale. We can see the packaging of a simple product and a premium product is so different.

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