The national security day and its importance

Security is very important for so many different reasons in a person’s life. But a person, a state, or a nation that must feel secure when it’s about safety as a whole. The national security day and its importance is that it aims to show gratitude to our security forces which include military, para-military, commandos, police officials and guards.

Security is something that every Nation, and every human deal with in so many different ways. It is a way that nation comes out together and creates laws. Just to protect themselves and the population all though it is also a way to create Enemies for other countries

Security comes in various forms, whether it’s feeling safe at home, in school, in hotels, or in public. 

Safety has various dimensions in a person’s life. But when it comes to national security, It thinks of its citizens as a whole and works under the rules and regulations of the government. 

Every nation has an authority that regulates its power for the welfare of the country. National security day is celebrated on 4th March and it is known as Rastriya Suraksha Divas. It is celebrated to honor national security. It aims to show gratitude to security forces such as the Air Force army, military, Paramilitary, police, etc. Who work day and night to maintain the peace and security of our country. 

This day was first established in 1966, under the ministry of labor which decided to celebrate it for the first time in 1972. 

Indian security force

India has the third-largest security force in the world.

Under this, we have various departments such as the national security advisor(NSG)

The NSG  is very well capable of handling various types of pressure and critical situations such as hijacks and terrorism. 

They even handle the security of VIP’s. 

National security day 2022

The theme for the national security day of 2022 is “nurture young Minds develop a safe culture”. While the theme of the last year was “Sudha Suraksha”. The national safety Council was formed on March 4 1966 and aims to generate, development and sustain a self voluntary movement on safety and health of the country.

Ways to achieve national security 

The various ways to get high-class national security is by training the officials. It even includes economic development, education of all the people hired as well as empowerment of women and other weaker sections.

It should even focus on the proper utilization of science and technology to enhance the proper functionality of NSG.

Apart from the military level of security other than national security even includes the security of the economy, security cyber security, and environmental security. Which as a whole contributes to a major part of our national security.

Threats to our national security

There are various ways in which the national security of a country is threatened. These threats can be social and can be full of aggression coming from the neighboring country. 

While few Threads can be extremely natural such as the threat of  volcano eruptions earthquakes or even viral pandemics such as covid-19 

All the field of national security safeguards is protection not only of citizens but also the economic stability of various institutions. 

Proliferation is a common thread in which an enemy state doesn’t have to take direct aggressive action but instead registers themselves as a potential threat to the national security,  and as result, ends up forming advanced weapons and abuse by Chemical Weapons or developing nuclear capabilities which have the capacity of mass destruction.

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