Science and technology are the soul of the 21st century

In Today’s World, Science and technology are one of the most important tools for forecasting and strengthening the economy and social development of the country. So India has made huge significant progress in various areas of Science and Technology over the past few years. And we can see it in having a strong network of Institutions with trained manpower and an innovative knowledge base. Science and technology are the soul of the 21st century as they provides AI and solve complex problems.

Considering the Rapid base of globalization material resources are increasing the competition among the countries. So the growing need to protect the intellectual properties of various countries is the importance of strengthening the knowledge base. It is a very important issue that has been taken into deep concern by the government’s 10th plan. Because Science and technology in human resource development play a vital role. It would encourage students to go for Research and its applications for forecasting in the prevention or mitigation of natural hazards.

Application of Science and technology in the society

There is a huge role of Science and technology to ensure all the appropriate outputs which are important in our society. But we should not get dependent on it.

It is mandatory to involve the mechanism of identifying the various programs for the application of science and technology. So as to improve the quality of life of the people, particularly in the various sections of society as well as women. For the complete development of rural areas to reduce the imbalances for inculcating scientific awareness in the nation.

Currently in the Science and Technology industry, which provides simple affordable scientific solutions is going to help every individual. In saving time and energy and have a good income through various kinds of work. Technology is provided to people who want to use them adopt them rather than just use them. Apart from all this, it is also given on identifying promoting and supporting grassroots innovations and value to them. And is completely reflected in improving the prospects of livelihood of a last number of people. The number of efforts that are also made to scout the advanced time and energy-saving tools or machinery are about to be made available for people as well.

Other important departments under S & T

The various departments and the Science and Technology are

1. Department of biotechnology

2. Department of scientific and Industrial Research 

3. Department of ocean development 

Most important technology so far!

Computers are probably the biggest achievement in terms of technological development of the countries. Computers play a vital role in doing the complex calculation.

Science has completely changed the world. The modern world is full of various types of cars, washing machines, computers and every other thing around us. Our life without machines is something we truly can’t even imagine. 

Technology and its application of scientific games, knowledge for various Practical uses inside our homes, workplaces, public areas as well as industries.

Currently, technology is advancing and we are able to do various experiments that would have been impossible to do in the past.

Scientists are using magnetic telescopes to see into the universe. Scientists making video apps of Machines to have effective work in agriculture, medicine, education, etc.

Technology even plays a major role in mass and media as well as education. Because media uses technology for almost every work.

The international cooperation in science and technology 

The International Corporation in Science and technology is essentially a mechanism to enable the interaction between scientific research and the update to refine the knowledge base.

But It helps in the creation of National Science and Technology assets through optimum utilization of all the available resources. Which even aims at building the ability in terms of upgrading skills modernization of facilities and exchange of information through the establishment of centers of Excellent quality control by using Indian as well as foreign scientist and motivating them to work in our Indian institutions.

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